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Science and Technology of the 1930s

No description

Elisabeth Anthony

on 10 May 2011

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Transcript of Science and Technology of the 1930s

science and technology foods Twinkies Jiffy Biscuit mix Dry soup mix Vidalia onions Tacos London Broil Refridgerator biscuits Fritos Hawaiian Punch Ritz crackers Campbell's cream of mushroom soup sloppy joes canned sodas chicken and waffles Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice Cocktail Snickers bar 'Dagwood' Sandwich Alka Seltzer Bisquick the Tangelo Mars Bar Kit Kat Skippy Peanut Butter Miracle Whip Cheeseburgers Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies 3 Musketeers Bar Macaroni and Cheese Good & Plenty Kix Corn Puff cereal Pepperidge Farm bread Nestle's Crunch Bar Hershey's Krackel Bar Mott's Apple Juice York Peppermint Patties Breakfast Lunch and Snacks Dinner Other inventions Relating to food Frozen foods are developed in 1923 by Clarence Birdseye. His methods are put to use for the first time in 1930 in Springfield, Massachusetts. The first Publix supermarket is opened in 1930 in Winter Haven, Florida by George W. Jenkins May 27, 1933: Coca-Cola debuts the first automatic soda fountain dispenser. Up until that point, Coke had to be mixed by hand. The shopping cart is developed by Sylvan Goldman who owned a chain of Piggly Wiggly grocery stores in Oklahoma City, OK. Scientific Stop action photography- Albert E. Smith and J. Stuart Blackton.
This invention basically leads the age of film. 1931: German physicist, Ernst Ruska, and German electrical engineer, Max Knoll, constructed the prototype electron microscope, which was capable of four-hundred-power magnification. Sir Frank Whittle patents his "turbojet engine in 1930. In 1936 the German Focke-Wulf Fw 61 became the first ever helicopter. In 1932, Edwin Land announces he has developed the first synthetic polarizing material. This aides the inventions of the Polaroid camera by Kodak. April 6, 1938: Dr. Roy Plunkett at the DuPont research laboratories
discovers PTFE or polytetrafluoroethylene. Today, it is used on non-stick cooking pans. 1930: a team of engineers from the US Naval Research Lab were conducting measurements of a radio antenna when they accidently discovered radar. Consumer Products The FM radio: Edwin Howard Armstrong Scotch tape: Richard Drew Nylon: Dr. Wallace Carothers Ballpoint pen: Laslo Biro 1938 Television: Philo Farnsworth the 30s: the beginning of cheap, easily broken toys Dolls Betsy Wetsy Scarlett O'Hara becomes the first movie character to become a doll (made by Madam Alexander) Technology Incorporated Code-O-Graph View-Master Seeburg Ray-O-Light The Golden Age of Comic Books Explodes in 1938 with Superman and all of his enemies Board Games Monopoly Sorry Scrabble Scientific Discoveries Pluto, our ninth planet, was discovered on January 3, 1930 by Clyde Tombaugh. The Volkswagen: Ferdinand Porsche 1930
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