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Marketing Sky Dive

No description

Nicole Raymondi

on 11 November 2012

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Transcript of Marketing Sky Dive

Ready to take the 2013 leap!! Marketing Update Free Falling with the Marketing Team P3 Contributions Automated Lead Nurturing Campaigns
PR campaigns
More content in general
doubling white papers, webinars, videos, Benefit Integration book publication, social media updates Metrics Measurements Alignment, Integration & Transparency New sales/marketing website
Catalyst for all marketing efforts including content creation, email blasts, social media, lead generation, videos, sales materials, etc.
SHRM 2011 & 2012 trade shows
Effective implementation of Inbound Marketing High & Low Alignment Marketing & CS promotions
white papers, newsletters, email blasts, social media updates
eni Blueprint
consistent branding across departments
eni Website
Brought brand image, CORE values, corporate culture, company vision, subject matter expertise together in a centralized location Integration Marketing Integration with Salesforce "SMARKETING"
Marketing integration across channels
social media, email blasts, direct mail, hard copy collateral, newsletters, blog, etc.
Marketing Integration Tools
Hubspot, Mail Chimp, Salesforce, Hootsuite
All linked together Transparency SHRM planning with sales team
Full disclosure of current and previous budget
Disclosure of Best Companies survey results & questionnaire to Satisfaction Survey Team
Added all employees to customer and house list email blasts, notifications of upcoming campaigns and projects
Work openly and collaboratively with Melissa on Marketing strategy and budget Insights Evolutions Pace Process Projects High Low Marketing Automated lead nurturing campaigns
PR strategy
editorials, press releases, TV segments, magazine coverage Lead Nurturing Campaigns
PR Strategy
LinkedIn Stategy
Customer Retention Strategy
Video Production Hubspot & Salesforce Integration
Metrics in BOTH Hubspot and Salesforce
Consistent content & social media production Web Traffic
Page Performance
Blog Traffic & Post Performance
Competitor Web & Social Media Rank
Landing Page Performance
Keyword Performance
Email blast Performance
Social Media Posts & Interactions
Google Adwords Performance Web Traffic increased
both organic and direct
Google Adwords directly impacted
blog posts big contributor
Chapter 1 of Benefit Integration eBook by far most successful piece of content
EAP still our best performing pages and most talked about/searched terms Better visit to customer sales funnel monitoring
Better integration across platforms (social media, email blasts, salesforce)
Marketing Metrics in Salesforce and visible to all
Consistent Report Generation
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