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Tears of a Tiger book report

No description

alexis danzy

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of Tears of a Tiger book report

Tears of a Tiger
Author: Sharon Draper Report by: Alexis Danzy
November 8, 2012 This story takes place in Hazelwood High and surrounding areas, during modern times, from November 7 to May 15 of the next year. Setting Andrew "Andy" Jackson: The main character. He was driving the car that caused the accident that killed Robbie. Keisha is his girlfriend.
Robbie Washington: One of Andy's best friends who was killed in a car accident.
B.J. Carson: Another of Andy's best friends, who survived the accident.
Tyrone Mills: Another of Andy's best friends, who also survived the accident. Rhonda is his girlfiend. Main Characters Book report Keisha: Andy's girlfriend
Rhonda: Tyrone's girlfriend
Dr. Carrothers: Andy's psychologist Plot Summary The story begins with Andy and his friends talking about their plans for the night. They mention plans to drink beer and hang out. Later that night, the car they're driving crashes. Andy, B.J. and Tyrone manage to get out, but Rob is trapped in the car and dies in the following explosion. Andy's license is suspended, and he has to take Alcohol Rehabilitation classes.
Andy also sees a psychologist. Andy's senior year takes its course, and Andy appears to be getting over the death of Rob. He even lies to Dr. Carrothers, so he gets discharged because it seems he is doing better; the only person he reveals his true feelings to is Keisha. At school, sometimes he is withdrawn and doesn't participate in class activities; and at other times, he acts out. At the talent show, near the end of the year, Keisha is finally fed up with Andy's behavior and breaks up with him.
A few days later, Andy doesn't come to school. Rhonda goes to his house to deliver some homework that day, and arrives around the same time as Andy's mother and brother, Monty. Monty sees blood on the ceiling, which caused his mother to go upstairs to Andy's room and discover that he has committed suicide. Irony in this story. The author of this story used situational irony; it was ironic how Andy appeared to be getting better on the outside but was actually really depressed on the inside. She also used dramatic irony near the end, before Andy killed himself; the readers probably suspected that he was going to do so, but the characters in the story had no idea. Message to Prevent Suicide Suicide is never the answer.
If you are feeling suicidal, talk to a friend or family member, or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.
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