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Start up gensis

During the start up phase of a new business there can be chaos, we need systems to establish some order.

Eamon Eastwood

on 19 February 2010

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Transcript of Start up gensis

Start up phase can be chaotic, getting the basics mastered can create a solid structure for your business to flourish. Rudderless ships have no port Starting your business without any idea of where you heading, what challenges potentially lie ahead and what your end game or exist strategy is will lead to wasted resources and poor decision making. knowing your weaknesses is your greatest strength…. As a business owner and entrepreneur you need to be leading from the front. You can achieve this more effectively by knowing your strengths & weaknesses. Being aware of your weakness is vital for you to understand the importance of delegation, i.e outsource or hire what your weak at and leverage your time and resources by concentrating what your good at. Sell more than you spend Start ups with structure chaos in the kitchen
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