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wild animals should they be kept as pets

No description

majani perryman

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of wild animals should they be kept as pets

Wild animals, should they be kept as pets? Requires skill Animals need to be in a specific location. Requires a lot of dedication. Nutritional and social needs are demanding. Caring for wild animals is hard. Baby animals grow up. Author's purpose is to persuade people that wild animals should not be kept as pets. Cause and effect of having a wild animal as a pet. They aren't born hand raised. Would you you keep a wild animal as a pet? At first tigers might be cute and furry then they become something you can't handle. They can have instinctive behavior. ex: biting scratching or displaying destructive behavior. Wild animals depend on nature. Which makes them unsuitable. Wild animals spread diseases. Its hard to tame wild animals. Threatens their survival. They cant fit in small cages. There aren't enough places to take unwanted wild animals that are huge. Wild animals are filled with misery. become sick and die because they aren't cared propraly. Wild animals
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