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Transferable and Employability Skills

Daniyar Akhmedjanov

Ilnar Akhmedjanov

on 30 September 2012

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Transcript of Transferable and Employability Skills

Transferable and Employability Skills By: Daniyar Akhmedjanov Communication Skills Teamwork skills Problem-solving skills In anything you do it is always great to be a fast thinker and a good problem-solver. I have great problem-solving skills. In any situation I can find a way to overcome any challenge. I love math and, of course. brainteasers. In grade 8, I won first place in Nova Scotian Math Olympics. In grade 9, I participated in Pascal contest, finishing second in the school and in top 25% of all participants. Problem-solving skills don't only involve abilities to solve mathematical or logical problems, but the skill also involves solving "human" problems. By "human" I mean making someone happy when they are sad, or helping somebody to raise their self respect and confidence. To develop this aspect of problem-solving skill, I will take psychology courses in high school and in university. I am planning to join more school sport teams and also a marching band to develop my teamwork skills. Creative skills I spend a lot of time practicing my teamwork skills. I participate in different variety of sport, such as water-polo, volleyball and basketball. I am enrolled in robotics club, where we work as a team to build a complex robot. Furthermore, I play in junior and symphony band. Could you imagine a team where every player was a "BALL HAG", or group working on school project in which every member only wanted to work on the easiest part? It would me a disaster. The sport team would lose every game and the students will not complete the project on time. The solution, is to build good teamwork skills. The teammates and student should work together and help each other to achieve the goal. I believe that communication is one of the most important skills for employes. To be successful at work it is essential that your co-workers can clearly understand your ideas. To further improve my communication skills I am planning to be involved in school plays. Therefore, I develop my communication abilities everyday. I give presentations to class when I have opportunity to do so. Every second day I broadcast over Hot Air. More over, I take drama classes, where I can fully express myself. Albert Einstein, Leo Tolstoy, Galileo Galilei were all outstanding scientists or writes of their time. How did they become so successful? The answer is they were extremely creative.
To be a great employee you have to be: very imaginative, see things from different points of view and try to find a way that will give the best solution to the problem. There are many ways I master my creative skills. I visit museums and art galleries, this helps me to design my room in the most fashionable way. I try to make creative and interesting presentations. In addition, I have a younger brother who has to be entertained 24/7 and it takes a lot of creativity (and patience) to keep him busy so he doesn't destroy the house. One way, I will improve my creative skills is by taking art classes. Art courses are fun and they will make me use my imagination in every way. Learning Skills "Never regard study as a duty, but as the enviable opportunity to learn to know the liberating influence of beauty in the realm of the spirit for your own personal joy and to the profit of the community to which your later work belongs." - Albert Einstein.
Being able to love learning, quickly analyze and understand information is essential for every employee who wants to contribute to the success of his company. Therefore, development of learning skill should be the priority number 1 for every student. I spend big amount of time on practicing my learning skills. I approach each subject with interest and curiosity. Every subject is my favourite. I try my best in school and it is shown by my grades; I haven't received a single B in the past three years. Moreover, I do several extra-curricular activities, which allow me to put all the knowledge I learned into practice. For example, in robotics club I have to use my science knowledge and research skills for designing. "Learning from my own mistakes" is a common practice among people. But, is it a good learning skill? Yes. However, wouldn't it be better not to make mistakes at all. To achieve this, the person must learn from the mistake of others. Currently, I am working really hard to master the practice of learning from the mistakes of others. Computer Skills In the modern world technology became the main source of communication and entertainment. Being able to manage new technology is a very helpful skill. As for the employes it is mandatory that they can easily browse and find information on the internet, as well as use variety of different programs. Technology and me is the best combination you can find. If it is required to use a new program, I can quickly master the basics of the program. My brother used to be tutored on the computer programming, as a result he transferred his knowledge to me. I practice computer skills every time I work on the computer. I try yo use different programs to achieve better results. For example, this presentation could be created by Microsoft programs, but it would be boring, so I used "prezi". Hundredth of new programs and gadgets are created every year. Therefore, I am planning to take computer courses in future, so I can keep up with rapidly developing technology. THE END
Thank you!
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