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Health Drug Project by Luke Hale

Luke Hale

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Ecstacy

Ecstasy By Luke Hale What is It? Ecstasy is a synthetic drug originally made in Germany. The drug is a stimulant and a hallucinogen. The drug also refrains the need to drink/eat so it is often used during parties that last for a long period of time. How it Enters the Body The drug is found mainly in tablet form and you take it orally. Often the tablets will have imprinted commercial logos on them. Street Names There are thousands of street names for Ecstasy. Many of the names are based on what other drug it is taken with. Here are just a few: MDMA, Adam, Essence, 2CE, 4 Dot, 007's, Batmans, Care Bears, E-Bombs, Green Triangles, Happy Pill, Letter Biscuits, Scooby Snacks, Tom and Jerries, X-pills. Here are a few that are mixed with other drugs: -Candy flipping on a string: LSD, MDMA, and Cocaine
-Bump up: Cocaine with MDMA
-Draf: Marijuana, Ecstasy, and Cocaine
-Elephant Flipping: PCP and MDMA
-Flower Flipping: Ecstasy mixed with Mushrooms
-H-Bomb: Heroin mixed with Ecstasy
-Jellies: combination of Depressant drugs and MDMA
-Kitty Flipping: Ketamine with MDMA
-Parachute Down: MDMA after Heroin
-Pikachu: MDMA and PCP
Short Term Effects Ecstasy has many short term effects. Most of them will begin around 30-45 minutes after ingesting the drug. The effects usually peak at around 60-90 Minutes and will last from 4-6 hours. Here are a few of the short term effects from ecstasy: Muscle tension, Tremors, Blurred vision, increased body temperature (which can heat your body to over 108 degrees fahrenheit and can melt your internal organs. Victims' bodies will remain warm hours after death.), enhanced sense of self-convidence, energy, peacefulness, involuntary teeth clenching, hallucination, nausea, chills, sweating, and an increase in heart rate and pressure. Long Term Effects Ecstasy/MDMA has a few long term effects. These may include the poisoning of the water in your body, which can permanently damage your brain; it can damage the cells in your body that produce serotonin, which controls the regulation of mood, appetite, pain, learning, and memory. MDMA has mainly been known to interfere with your ability to learn. Who Uses It? The latest Monitoring the Future survey listed that 2.2% of Eighth Graders, 5.5% of Tenth Graders, and 6.5% of Twelth Gaders are using/ have tried the drug Ecstasy. Medical Uses Ecstasy has no current medical uses in the US since it became illegal in 1985. One of the original purposes for MDMA was to be used for weight loss, for it refrains the need to eat, however, it never marketed because of its extreme side effects. The drug was first produced by a German company in 1913 to be used possibly as an appetite supressant. Interesting Facts - Ecstasy is made in Germany in small factories for around 25-50 cents, but the street value ranges from $10-$40 in the US.
- Ecstasy is slang for MDMA, which is short for
- When the effects heat your blood too high, your organs will melt and die. This process is called "Bleeding Out" because you are slowly dying.
- There have been reports of the drug causing Phycotic Episodes and sleeping issues. R REafdslkfj rlkseajf References http://www.essortment.com/articles/ecstasy_100011.htm




http://www.whitehousedrugpolicy.gov/streetterms/bytype.asp?inttypeid=7 THE END
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