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Lean Startup

Intro to Lean Startup concepts

Mads Troels Hansen

on 10 May 2012

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Transcript of Lean Startup

Startup Create a sustainable business model And one more thing... Common Problems Lean Startup Cases Continuous Delivery Feature Injection World Wide DK... Hypothesis Pivot or Preserve Minimum Viable Product (MVP) SnapTax (TurboTax, Quickbooks,...) Jesper Vilstrup,
Vice President of LEGO Universe "Unfortunately, we have not been able to build a satisfactory revenue model in our target group, and therefore, have decided to close the game." January 30, 2012 Minumum Viable Product Continious Delivery Intro Team and Culture End-2-End customer focus Curiosity over confidence
Willingness to admit mistakes
Orientation towards being driven by data not opinion
Bias against short term optimization MVP: Validated Learning, test the hypothesis MVP R&D Sales Consulting Support Working together
as one engine ? MVP is NOT about creating minimal products (like MMF)! The minimum set of features to learn from visionary customers Test hypothesis by showing initial solutions to real customers Purpose
Confirm Idea
Fail fast! Product
Vision Release
Goal Capability Feature Story Scenario Capability Story Scenario Time of Creation Feature Injection Key Areas JIT Make sure your are building the right IT before building IT right Hypothesis (Feature n?) Pivot or Preserve Minimum Viable Product (MVP) ? DATA MVP MVP MVP Involve the whole team ? ? ? Hypothesis (Feature n?) Pivot or Preserve ? DATA Minimum Viable Product Find Idea bugs Minumum Viable Product Marts 2012
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