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Needs analysis

No description

María Estrada

on 21 August 2013

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Transcript of Needs analysis

Needs Analysis
Adapted from:
Dudley-Evans, T.- & St. John, M. (1998). Developments in ESP: A multi-disciplinary approach. Cambridge: CUP.
Haseli S. M. (2008) Introduction to needs analysis. Azad University of Baft
Environmental situation
Information about the situation in which the course will take place
- means analysis -
What works well in one situation may result inappropriate in another.
Personal information about learners
Factors which may affect the way they learn - wants, means, subjective needs -
Language information about learners
What their current skills and language use are - present situation analysis -
Communication in the target situation
Knowledge of how language and skills are used in the target situation
- Register analysis, discourse analysis, genre analysis -
Learner's lacks
Gap between the current learner's level of language skills and language use and the desired or expected ones.
Learner's needs from the course
What is wanted from the course - short term needs -
Language learning needs
Effective ways of learning the skills and language determined by lacks
Academic information about learners
Tasks and activities English learners are /will be using English for.
-Target situation analysis and objective needs-
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