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Peter Michel

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Prepositional


Prepositional Phrases
Group of words acting as a preposition
Begin with a preposition, end with a noun or pronoun (the "object of the preposition")
The school
on the left
is really great.
Finding prepositional phrases is hard
for me.
After class
I went
to a restaurant.

The book is lying
on top of the table.
Now you try....
We decided to go across the bridge.
He's very intelligent for his age.
With a bag on my shoulder, I left for New York.
It is inside the room, under the table.
Appositive Phrases
Appositive = noun / pronoun placed next to another noun / pronoun that gives further information about it
My brother
is a doctor.
Appositive phrases = appositives + modifiers
a graduate of Harvard
, is well respected.
Essential vs. non-essential!
My sister's husband, George, plays baseball.
My cousin Stacy likes ice cream.

Verbal Phrases
a form of a verb (+ any modifiers) functioning as an adjective, an adverb, or a noun
Participles / Participial Phrases
Participles = verb forms acting as adjective
cups were on the floor.
It was a
ball came to a stop.

Participial phrases
Badly needing food
, the man and the boy continued.
The apple,
already mostly eaten
, rotted on the table.
Having studied for hours
, he was prepared.
We were
delighted by the idea
Gerund = a verb ending in -ing, used as a noun

I love
is important.
I place a lot of emphasis on
My passion is
Gerund phrases (gerund + any complements / modifiers)
Hiking up Mt. Everest
is very difficult.
Don't underestimate the importance of
paying attention
to + [a verb]
Function as nouns, adjectives, or adverbs
I love
to bake
He broke his promise
to call every day
I'm speaking slowly
to help you
Infinitive phrases
We plan
to work safely and efficiently.
I was waiting for her
to give a speech.
Do you want
to stay until tomorrow?
And, finally....
Absolute Phrases
includes a noun/ pronoun, a participle (occasionally implied), and any modifers
not part of complete subject or complete predicate
Her hair

a mess
, the woman stood up.
The children walked onto the river,
its surface frozen solid
The guitar,
its strings broken
, gathered dust in my closet.

Difference between participial and absolute phrases?
Absolute phrases do not describe another part of the sentence. They have their own 'subject', so they exist outside of the complete subject and complete predicate of the sentence.
Participial phrases describe something within the complete subject and complete predicate of the sentence.
Depressed by the speech
, the boy cried. PARTICIPIAL ^ (describes the subject, "boy")
His cheeks wet with tears
, the boy ran home. ABSOLUTE ^ ("wet with tears" describes "cheeks", the subject is still "boy")
The girl
leaving the stadium
looks friendly. PARTICIPIAL ^ (describes the subject, "girl")
The girl left the stadium,
her face looking happy
("looking happy" describes "face", which is not part of the subject or the predicate)
Let's practice....
I hid my money
under the seat.
The weather perfect
, they drove to the mountains.
My mother,
a selfless woman
, volunteers daily.
Having eaten three cakes
, the child went to sleep.
It's never a good idea
to lie to me
Playing softball
is not the same as playing baseball.
We complained throughout the speech,
our brains melting from boredom
I stopped
to buy some fruit
how about....
and came to a stop.
and came to a stop.
Playing in the sand
is fun.
Playing in the sand
, the boy was having fun.
I am going
to the store

to buy ice cream.
exhausted by his job
, sat down.
a friend of mine
, sat down.
Smiling into the sun
, we walked on the beach.
he sun smiling down on us
, we walked on the beach.
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