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Symbols in Lord of the Flies

No description

zeb witt

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Symbols in Lord of the Flies

Symbols in Lord of the Flies
The Spear
In the beginning of the novel the spears the boys made are first used to hunt and kill pigs for the tribe to eat. “Jack put down his spear and squatted.” (pg52) As the story progresses the spears are then used for both protection and survival. Jack tries to stab Ralph with the spear yet also uses it to hunt pigs. “Viciously with full intention he hurledhis spear at ralph. The point tore the skin and flesh overRalphsribs, then sheared off and fell in the water.” (pg181)
Piggy's glasses
In the beginning of lord of the flies piggy’s glasses are first a good sign as they are used for fire and are good shape. “His specs- use them as burning glasses!”(pg40) Then toward the middle of the book piggy’s glasses become broke in one lens due jack smacking them off piggy because he was disgusted by piggy talking too much. “Ralph made a step forward and jack smacked piggy’s head. Piggy’s glasses flew off...” “One sides broken.”(pg70) When jack splits from the tribe and Ralph and piggy remains together refusing to join jacks tribe, piggy’s glasses become the main target. Jack needs the glasses to start a fire and knows when he does take the glasses from the others, Ralph and piggy will try to come get them. “Ralph -- remember what we came for. The fire. My specs.” (pg161)
The Fire
In the beginning of the novel, the boys use the fire; they started with piggy’s glasses, for a signal fire in case of a plane flying over or a nearby ship passing so they can be rescued. “Smoke! Smoke!” “Ralph where’s the ship?” (pg65) In the middle the fire is then discarded for rescue and used for survival cooking the pig, jack and the choir killed. “They became a circle of boys round a camp fire and even piggy and ralph were half drawn in. they tried holding the whole carcass in a stake over the fire, but the stake burnt more quickly than the pig roasted.” (pg73)
The Spear
In the end of the book jack forgets he uses the spear for hunting and just tries to kill Ralph with it and Ralph to uses it for protection from jack. “The pointed end if a stick appeared. In panic, Ralph thrust his own stick through the crack and struck with all his might. His spear twisted a little in his hands and then he withdrew it again.” (pg194)
The Fire
In the end jack forgets the main purpose of the fire and uses it for savageness by setting the jungle on fire and burning Ralph out so he can find him and kill him. “Now the fire was nearer; those volleying shots were great limbs, trunks even, bursting.” (pg198)
Piggy's Glasses, The Fire, and the Spear
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