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Salt & Sugar Experiment

No description

andie hanseand

on 2 October 2014

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Transcript of Salt & Sugar Experiment

Salt & Sugar Experiment: by Andie and Hannah
Q. Which will disolve faster salt or sugar?
Sugar will disolve faster than salt, in each of the liquids.
We got supplies such as:
7 up,
solo cups,
measuring spoon and cup,

Steps 1-2
1. Get all of the materials needed for the experiment.
2. Pour half of a cup of each liquid into six different cup (2 of the same liquids in two cups)

Steps 3-4
3. Now that you have all of your liquids poured out , drop a table spoon of salt into three cups with different liquids ( do the same with the sugar) 4. Now sit and wait to see which dissolves faster
Our controlled variable was the amount of salt, sugar, and liquid. Our independent variable was the salt, sugar, and liquids. Our dependent variable was the amount of salt and sugar left after the experiment.
Data Table
Our data showed that the salt dissolved faster than the sugar in most of the liquids
Data Table
After we put our data into a table we converted it into a graph.
After we put our data into a table we converted it into a graph.
We found out our hypothesis was wrong. Salt dissolves faster than sugar in 7 up, rootbeer, and water.
Scientific Inquiry
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