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Micheal Jordan

Micheal Jordan info

Ej Eohnson

on 10 September 2010

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Transcript of Micheal Jordan

Double click anywhere & add an idea Micheal Jordan Story By: E.J. Johnson(: Time line 1963: Micheal Jordan was born February in Broklyn, New york 1978: Jordan attended Laney School in Wilmington, after that he got a basketball scholarship to North Carolina in 1981 1982: Jordan made the game winnin shot against
Georgetown University in a championship 1984: Jordan played with the US mens basketball team. They won the chamiponship agaisnt Spain. Then he got drafted to the Chicago Bulls. 1987: Jordan was the only person after Wilt Chamberlin to score 3000 in the NBA for the Chicago Bulls. 1988: Micheal earned his first M.V.P award playing for the Bulls 1990: The Bulls finally made it to Eastern Conference Finals were they lost to the Detroit Pistons 1991: Jordan got his second M.V.P for the Bulls. His team defeated the LA Lakers in the Finals. 1993: Jordan lead the Bulls to a victory agaist the Suns in the Championship 1998: The Bulls won there 6th championship with Jordan against the Utah Jazz 1999: Jordan retired for the second time in January 13. ESPN named him the greatest athete in the 20th century 2006: Jordan became the owner of the Charlotte Bobcats Life before the NBA
Although Brooklyn born, Jordan was bred in Nortth Carilona. The son of Delores and James Jordan His first love was baseball that him and his father both enjoyed. However, following his older brother, Larry, whom he idolized and was a spectacular athete in his own right, Jordan began to play basketball. Went to Laney high school in Wilmington, North Cariolina 5'11 skinny sophmore, and cut from the varsity basketball team. The summer before his junior year, he grew 6'3 and began his path to super-stardom. He played for the Tar Heels, and lead them to a championship victory agaisnt Gorgetown Honers and Awards Six time NBA chamipion.
Five time NBA MVP.
Ten time All-NBA first team.
All-NBA second team.
Defensive Player of the year.
Nine time All-Defensive first team.
Rookie of the year.
All-Star MVP.
One of the 50 greatest players in NBA history
Two time Olympic gold metalest.
Breaks Mcdonal's All-American game by scoring 30pts.
Named college player of the year.
Wins Olympic gold medal with the U.S. basketball team
Winner of slame dunk contest.
Named defensive player of the year.
NBA All-Star game MVP
Leads Chicago Bulls to there first NBA title

He got that nickname because of a dunk contest that he won and he jumped really high when he did it then from there started to call him Airness shoes This is the first shoe that he made This is latest shoe out that he has This is my favorite shoe that he has He stared making shoes in 19845 And still makes them now
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