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CCSC: How to Reserve a Room

How to reserve a room at the Cesar Chavez Student Center!

Mark Jaramilla

on 4 May 2015

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Transcript of CCSC: How to Reserve a Room

So you want to reserve a room?
Meeting & Events Services Team
CCSC, T-123
Step 4: Confirming your Event
Step 5: Host your event!
Here's how!
* To check for availability, you may Browse for Space at:
Step 3: Reserve a Room
* After you have logged in, you may begin requesting rooms on our online Room Reservation page:
* Please contact the Meeting Services Department if you have any questions regarding available space and concerns regarding finalizing your requests.
* All room requests are processed accordingly and space may appear to be available.
However, only Confirmed events and meetings will appear on our Event Calendar.
Step 1: Create a Web User Account
* All On-Campus Organizations will need to have an SFSU email to create an online account.
* Approvals are done daily, so please check back during business hours!
* After your account is approved, you may log in and begin reserving rooms.
* Only Student Organizations & Officers recognized by the Student Involvement & Career Center (SICC) will receive Web User Accounts.
Step 2: Browse for Space
* This is not a reservation tool.
* Reservations may be canceled for any reason! So be sure to check-in on your event!
* Be sure to complete all sections in RED. Your reservation request will be processed by the Meeting Services Dept. and will either be Approved or Denied by SICC based on your answers.
Student Organizations
SFSU Faculty & Departments and Off-Campus Organizations
Standard Reservations
* If you are requesting:
A meeting room
With the standard room set-up
NO Audio/Visual equipment
NO food or beverages
Request made two weeks prior
...you are making a "Standard" reservation!

* All Standard Reservation Requests will be sent to SICC for Approval

* Upon receiving an Email approval from SICC, an Event Confirmation will be sent to the Student Organization from the CCSC Meeting Services Dept.

* It's that simple!
* SFSU Departments, Faculty, & Staff requesting User Accounts will receive Approval right away, upon verification from the CCSC Meeting Services Department.
* Off-Campus Organizations can also request Web User Account and will receive Approval upon verification from the Meeting & Events Coordinator.
* You may request an Web User account at:
Special Events Reservations

* Special Events Reservations are for more complex events, so deadlines are earlier and must meet for an Event Planning Meeting four weeks prior to the requested date

* All Special Events Reservation Requests will be sent to SICC for Approval and LEAD will schedule an Event Planning Meeting to review the details of the event

* The CCSC Events Management Team will be present to confirm event details, staffing, and address the policies of the Student Center

* The University Police Department may also be present to address safety concerns and policies of SFSU
* All SFSU Faculty & Department Reservation Requests will be processed by the CCSC Meeting & Events Coordinator

* The Meeting & events Coordinator will send an Event Estimate to the requesting Faculty or Department.

* An Event Estimate will be generated based on:

Room Charges and Usage
Expected Attendance
Food Distribution
Event Publicity
Event Insurance may also apply

* Only after receiving approval from the Meeting & Events Coordinator may a SFSU Faculty & Department confirm any details regarding Room Configuration and Technical Equipment requests from the CCSC Technical Supervisor.

* Please contact the Meeting Services Department if you have any questions regarding available space and concerns regarding finalizing your requests.
Special Events Reservations: After Building Hours

The Student Center & SFSU unfortunately does not cover cost for events outside designated building hours.

All reservations outside of our designated building hours will be subject to an Event Estimate to cover cost for energy and staffing.

Payment in full is expected five (5) days prior to your event or future reservations may be canceled.
* Student Organizations Coordinators must have accurate details of the following and are subject to review by SICC, UPD, and CCSC:
Room Configuration(s)
Technical Equipment Requests
Event Itinerary
Expected Attendance
Food Distribution
Event Publicity
Liability Assessment
Performer details & Minor Waiver

Publicize & Advertize your Event!
Room Access & Key Check Out
The Cesar Chavez Student Center Mission Statement
To provide, maintain and develop facilities, programs and support services that promote and enrich the educational, social, and cultural needs and objectives of our richly diverse campus and local communities.
A Student Center of excellence for programs and facilities that provide a nurturing, supportive and engaging environment.
The CCSC Vision
1. To empower students — effect change within the context of the university
2. To value and actively develop diversity
3. To maintain a quality staff and facility
4. To provide the best services at affordable prices
5. To increase financial stability and economic efficiency
6. To revolutionize the model of student centers, through example, in the United States
Our Student Center Objectives
Banners may be hung on the Mezzanine Level for up to five (5) days prior to your event
Please check with the Information Desk for specific guidelines, AFTER you have Confirmed your event!
Outdoor banners are also allowed for your Malcolm X Plaza Event.
Fliers & Posters can be posted in-house on all levels on CCSC Poster Boards.
Please check with the Information Center for approval and posting.
The Rack-N-Cue also hosts a flier section for all events.

* Please refrain from posting on our columns, stairs, floors, & windows

** Use only blue tape on all surfaces

*** All postings outside of the specific date of event will be taken down

**** Student organizations must include an accessibility statement on all communications
announcing a meeting or other event. An example is as follows:
"[Student organization] welcomes persons with disabilities and can make reasonable accommodations upon request.
If you need reasonable accommodations for this event, please contact [person in your organization at xxx-xxx-xxxx or person@email.com] by [date-15 working days before event]."
All Confirmed Events will be posted on each specifically reserved room
Keys must be checked out to gain access to your reserved space
The Primary & Secondary contact persons will be held responsible for the key check out
The Business Office (Room C-134, LC Level) is available for Key Check Out between 9am to 4:30 pm
The Information Desk is also available for Key Check Out outside of the Business Office Hours
A photo ID is required for all Key Check Out
Keys must be returned at the specific check out desk BEFORE your reservation is over
Lost or unreturned keys will result in cancellations of future reservations
& replacement charges will apply
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