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The One and Only Ivan

No description

Deyaney Rivera

on 1 October 2014

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Transcript of The One and Only Ivan

The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate presented by: Deyaney Rivera
A man with a camera comes to the Big Top Mall because he heard of Ivan's great painting. He realizes that they treat the animals poorly so,the man calls the zoo so they can take the animals.
The Exposition
Rising Action
Business goes down at the Big top mall because Ivan is no longer cute.
Ruby, a baby elephant arrives at the Big Top Mall.
Stella's foot is injured and she is terribly sick.
Ivan promises Stella that he will take care of Ruby.
Falling Action
When Ivan gets to the zoo, he meets the other gorillas. He realizes that he forgot how to act like a gorilla.
Ivan now remembers how to act like a gorilla and now he feels free.
Falling Action
While Ivan is roaming around he spots Ruby. He is so happy to know that Ruby is happy, safe, and to know that she now has a family.
While Ivan is at the zoo, he misses his friend Bob. When he looks up he sees that Bob, Julia, and George came to visit.
He is happy to know that Bob now has a home too.
Rising Action
Stella dies
Ivan makes a plan for Ruby so he can get her to the zoo. The zoo is where Ruby wants to be.
Ivan makes a painting
Julia and George find Ivan's painting.
The characters are Ivan who is a gorilla that has a huge passion for art. Stella who is an elephant. Ruby who is a baby elephant.Bob a dog without a home,George, Mack,and Julia.The setting takes place at The Big Top Mall, then later at the zoo. The exposition is the beginning of the story when it's introducing you to the characters and setting.

Tone & Mood
The tone is the way the author expresses the story. The tone the author uses is serious, sometimes humorous and poignant. The mood is the feeling the reader gets while reading the book. While reading this book I felt melancholy, surprised,and curious.
The resolution is the ending of the book which contains the solution. The resolution of this book is Ivan has found a home for him and his friends. Ivan did keep his promise to Stella which was to take care of Ruby. The theme of this book is, if there is a will there is a way.
The rising action is were the events or plot start coming in. It also contains the conflict and how the main characters try to solve it.
The rising action is also taking the events and building more and more until it reaches the climax.
The climax is the highest point in the story and the most interesting part. It is the part that draws you in the most.
The falling action is leading you to the resolution or the ending of the book. At this point the author wraps things up fast.
The Author
The author of The One And Only Ivan is Katherine Applegate. Other books by her are The Buffalo Storm, Animorphs, Home Of The Brave, and the series of Roscoe Riley Rules.
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