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Adam Beach

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

TIMBER PROBLEM Deforestation is a really big
problem to the human world.
Deforestation is where trees get
cut down and are never replaced. WHY What Can You Do Reuse, reduce and recycle, people trash way too much. Tyres can be made into pencil cases and plastic bottles can be made into jackets. Also only take what you
need especially paper, newspaper and wood
products . CAUSE THANK YOU I HOPE YOU ENJOYED IT Why do we need to save trees can't we just cut them down? Well we can't. There are lots of reasons why but here are some of them. Most medicines are made from trees. Animals also live in trees and we are destroying there home. Also trees produce oxygen which we need to live. There are lots of different reasons but here are the main ones. Commercial Logging which means taking wood for products. Agricultural which means taking out whole forests for building cities and towns. Urbanization which means they want the land for crops. RESOURCE A resource is a thing that is
not man made and is made
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