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Redpath Mansion Mystery

No description

Nathan Oliphant

on 19 February 2015

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Transcript of Redpath Mansion Mystery

Summary of Mystery
On June 13th 1901, Ada Maria Mills Redpath and Jocelyn Clifford "Cliff" Redpath were shot in their own home. Mrs.Redpath was killed instantly. Cliff was rushed to hospital but died later that evening. Something interesting was that the hospital had no records of Cliff being admitted.
When and where
On Thursday, June 13th, 1901 roughly around 6:00pm.
Amy Redpath: Ada's daughter.
Peter Redpath: Ada's Son.
Dr.Roddick: Husband of Amy.
Rose Shallow: Maid and a friend of Amy.
Other Evidence
The family doctor had known that Ada was quite depressed and on lots of medication at the time. We know now the depression can definitely lead to thoughts of suicide, and we believe that is what happened. Supposedly Cliff had just entered the house and when he did he went directly upstairs. That was most likely because it was his turn to watch the ill mother.
Evidence Cont'd
Why We Think That
What we found interesting was that the police were never called. We believe that is due to the fact they did not want any bad publicity of killing their own family. It was known they did not like to get any publicity so bad publicity would be the worst they could get.
Redpath Mansion Mystery
In the family home in Montreal, in Ada's bedroom.
What We Think
We believe that the killer was Ada. We think that, due to all her pain and depression, tried to commit suicide but Cliff tried to wrestle the gun from her and just stop her. During the fight Ada must have pulled the trigger and accidentally killed Cliff. Faced with the fact of killing her son and wanting to continue with her plan killed herself after.
Cliff was very fond of his mother. After the gunshots were heard the family rushed upstairs and when they got there it was reported Cliff had foam around his mouth which is evidence of an epileptic episode, which we thought meant he acted irrationally and would have done something different if he was not having a seizure. Cliff also did not die right away, so he would have a few seconds to take the gun away after Ada killed herself.
After reading all the information there were quite a few possibilities. We believed that Ada killing them makes the most sense. She was depressed, needed medication to do anything so she just wanted out. Cliff went up to check on her and saw her trying to kill herself. That could explain the argument, Cliff tries to stop her and yells at her, she yells back and then the fight starts.
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