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Ayurvedic Medicine

A presintation by Grant M., Saysha R. and Lauren B.

sixth ayurvedic

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurvedic Medicine What is Ayurvedic Medicine? Ayurvedic Medicine is the system of healthcare
and medicine that dates back to the earlyest days
of India. Also known as the "science of life". According to Ayurvedic doctors, how can
you live a long life? You can live a long life if they keep their
mind, body ,and soul in balance What questions might a Ayurvedic Docter
ask a patient? They may ask about their habits like do they eat,
how much they sleep, what kinds of moods are they
usually in, what kinds of stress their in, how
much they work, how much they exersize, etc. What treatments do Ayurvedic Doctors usually prescirbe? Going on a speacial diet,taking herbal medicine,
meditate at least three times a day, having sesame
oil massages , listening to certain kinds of music,
and smelling scented candles.
Fun facts ayurvedic doctors believe that a persons mind, body, and spirit are connected.
Ayurvedic doctors were some of the first doctors to give injections and perform plastic surgery.
According to Ayurvedic medicine a person can maintain good health and prevent disease by being knowledgeable about and aware of their thoughts, body sensations, and spiritual state The End!
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