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Copy of Sponsorship Proposal

Neo-Soul Concert Sponsorship Proposal

Myesha Radney

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Sponsorship Proposal

Neo-Soul Concert Sponsorship Proposal This event is an opportunity to tap into your target market: (Professionals, Socialites, & Students) of Detroit and surrounding communities by investing in this wonderful concert. About 75% of our target audience is comprised of professionals and movers and shakers 30+ years old, while over 20% are graduate students and influencers between the ages of 25-29. Invest marketing dollars into your business at a fraction of direct marketing costs without any leg work on your part. About The Show Industry's Best Event Overview Leela James Layla Hathaway Rahsaan Patterson Take The Next Step Why is it important for you to sponsor ? Does anyone
host upscale concerts for the professional socialites and party goers? Yep, Ray and Len The Crew Behind it All Ray Len This event will afford you the opportunity to enhance awareness, brand recognition, and reinforce customer relationships for your business. This is an easy way to increase visibility of your brand. Invest in Your Business An investment in our homegrown Detroit business is an investment in your community. Help us grow so we can continue to upgrade Metro Detroit Entertainment and Nightlife and also contribute to the redevelopment of our city. Where You Come In? Who Are They? Why They're #1? A night of intimacy: Kim Also Starring Kindred the Family Soul & Stacey Crawford Live in Concert October 19, 2012 In September 2012, BrassShield Productions Hosted
“Rickey Smiley & Friends" Comedy Explosion A portion of the proceeds will go toward the implementation of our Brass Shield Scholarship Foundation.
Platinum - $7500 Gold - $5000 What Else is Coming Up? Our goal for this event is to provide disadvantaged youth with scholarships: Invest in Our Growing Brand Invest in a Child's Future Raheem Devaughn The Deets When: Sunday January 20, 2013 at 7:00 PM
Where: Detroit Opera House
2700 Seat Capacity
Who: Detroit's Intellectuals, Movers & Shakers, and Professionals The Official M.L.K. Weekend Neo-Soul Music Concert will take place at the Detroit Opera House on Sunday January 20, 2013 at 7:00 PM. This mission of the event is to provide scholarships, book vouchers, and dormitory furnishings to disadvantaged high school students continuing on to college. A portion of the proceeds will also go toward the implementation of the Brass Shield Productions Scholarship Foundation.

Invest to witness a night that Detroit will never forget. For one night only patrons will be able sing along, dance, eat, sip, and mingle to the tunes of some of the industry’s best neo-soul artists such as Raheem Davaughn, Lela James, Layla Hathaway, and Rahsaan Patterson. This event is an opportunity to enjoy a great night filled with pure talent, soulful music, live instrumentation, and potent lyrics. On this night, patrons; special invited guests; and anyone else in the building will celebrate in style and live in the moment.

The Neo-Soul Music Concert will certainly be the social event of the Winter. Enjoy a night of pure energy and non-stop entertainment at a capacity event that will be the talk of the town for years to come. Along with the non-stop entertainment, there will also be an exclusive VIP afterglow with complimentary drinks and food as well as a meet and greet with the artists. What Have They Done Recently? Recognition as Platinum Sponsor on all event promotional print media advertisements and electronic communications such as radio broadcasts; internet press releases; and TV commercials.

Event program corporate logo and name recognition

Title position on photo backdrop - corporate logo and name recognition

Corporate banner at event

10 VIP and 10 general concert tickets

Opportunity to speak at event (5 minutes)

Website branding visibility for 90 days

Facebook and Twitter branding visibility for 90

VIP booth or table

Continuous acknowledgment throughout the night Recognition as Gold Sponsor on all promotional print media advertisements and radio broadcasts

Corporate logo and name recognition on photo backdrop

6 VIP and 4 general concert tickets

VIP booth or table with banner

Website branding visibility 60 days

Event program corporate name and logo recognition

Special acknowledgment during the exclusive afterglow Silver - $2500 Please accept this proposal as our request for sponsorship of the Neo-Soul Music Concert. We plan to start promoting this event by November 19, 2012 and to finalize artwork for tickets and advertisement campaigns by the sponsorship deadline of November 12, 2012. This is an excellent opportunity for your company to target our audience of over 500,000 consumers electronically and through media advertisement.

We hope that you will decide to maximize on these marketing opportunities by coming on board for the hottest event of the Winter! All we need is for your to contact Myesha Radney at 313-671-9600 or myradney@gmail.com. *Please note we accept all monetary or in-kind donations. Recognition as Silver Sponsor on all promotional print media advertisements

2 VIP and 4 general concert tickets

Corporate logo and name recognition on photo backdrop

VIP table with banner - (you supply the banner)

Event Program logo recognition Bronze - $1000 Recognition as Bronze Sponsor on all promotional print media advertisements

Corporate logo and name recognition on photo backdrop

4 general concert tickets Blue Sponsor - $250-$300 Advertisement table or VIP table
2 general concert tickets Brass Shield Productions was born from sheer coincidence. Only a couple years ago two friends committed themselves to building a highly successful independent promotion business that would transform and upgrade Detroit area entertainment forever. Ray - Vice President, who was already in business for himself, initially decided to invest at the request of a childhood friend in what should have been "a one time opportunity". The opportunity was to promote a comedy show famously known as "Shaq's All-Star Comedy Jam". Relying on his friend to bring the show to fruition, Ray observed from behind the scenes as a silent investor. Nonetheless, he always remained close by absorbing bits and pieces of information crucial to producing and promoting concerts. During this learning process, Ray continually consulted with, new friend and soon to be business partner, Len Davis - President. Len played an intricate role in the development of this virgin show. Since age 12 Len has possessed a passion for Urban entertainment and has always delivered myriad ideas and knowledge. He was instrumental in providing helpful suggestions such as ticket pricing, on-sale dates, and artist performance bookings for the "All Star Comedy Festival" which sold out every seat in a 2800-seat venue known as the Detroit Opera House. Both gentlemen were very excited about the success of this show. Hence, they mutually agreed to invest in the Promotion Business. Realizing that this was an opportunity to make money while exploring their passions, the partners formed Brass Shield Productions. Brass Shield Productions is based in Southfield, Mi and is continually providing popular Comedy and Rhythm & Blues shows.

Myesha Radney, a University of Michigan – Ann Arbor graduate, joined Brass Shield Productions in 2012 as their Public Relations and Marketing Manager. Following her passions for event planning; marketing; and business, she realized that this position was the perfect opportunity for her to obtain post-graduate experience in her career fields. She has worked for a plethora of cutting-edge companies such as Ford, Detroit Diesel, Comerica Bank, and Security Equipment Corporation. She has consistently proven that her drive, ambition, and intelligence make her a great asset to the team. In the coming months Ms. Radney will also be leading the implementation of the Brass Shield Scholarship Fund.
The Neo-Soul Music Concert Contact Us We are Looking Forward to your Sponsorship Well, Hello There!! Check their Track Record... More on the Scholarships With a portion of event proceeds, disadvantaged students with exceptional academic achievement will receive:
A Laptop Computer
A Barnes and Noble Gift Certificate for course books
A Bed, Bath, and Beyond Gift Certificate for dormitory furnishings
A $500 Academic Scholarship

Our goal is to provide larger scholarships for more students in the future with the implementation of the Brass Shield Scholarship Fund. SOLD OUT SHOW! 1700 Attendees Another Major Success!
2200 Attendees Expected to Sell Out! Myesha
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