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Copy of Copy of Untitled Prezi

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Ashley Lorraine Lordios

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Untitled Prezi

Alliteration poem Crack! Crack!
The fire crackles under the stars.
Sizzle! Sizzle!
The water sizzles above the fire.
Crunch! Crunch!
The campers crunching on potato chips.
Click! Clack! Click! Clack!
The tent poles clicking and clacking together.
Rustle! Rustle!
As we prepare our sleeping bags to go to sleep.
Chirp! Chirp !
The crickets say, "good-night". Camping Your teeth are like stars;
They come out at night.
They come back at dawn
When they're ready to bite. Rain is a soother
It drizzles from the heavens
Makes or mind to calm I miss marigold mornings
with soft sunrises and perfumed wind
whispering through willow branches
and watercolour windows
to join the sultry scent of caramel coffee
I long for languid afternoons
of superfluous sunshine and cumulus clouds
parading across periwinkle skies
where dragonflies drift and dive
through garnished gardens.
I pine for evenings passed on patios
with potted plants and glittering grass
and a glass of aged merlot.
I sigh for the simple comfort
and peaceful passion
of sunflower summers. sunflower summers By: Heather Ober Onomatopoeia By: Natasha Niemi Simile/Metaphor/
Personification Concrete poem The Eternal Tree made by : Ashley Author: Pablo Picasso Haiku Poems Flowers are growing
I feel the wind past by me
My heart keep smiling. ;) The seed is popping
Sun is helping it to grow
Let it live for years Frozen time inside
memories don't see the light
dreams are the escape. Natures and Dreams Poems' 'nature brings new life,
to Mothers nature's door.
trees, animals and plants.
nothing less, nothing more. The wind dances in on
Trotting horses' feet
It stops in a golden
Valley Looking about through
Fiery eyes, and then rages past
At a mighty gallop. By: J. Kurnath Limerick
poems Two Trees The willow and the oak
both went up in smoke.
Nature destroyed,
mother annoyed,
fire starters think it's a joke. By: William Thomas Dodd Fishing Dreams There was an old man from Michigan,
Who decided to try and fish-again.
A trout laden stream,
What a beautiful dream,
And thus he got his wish-again. By: Brian Jacobs Table of Contents Alliteration poem - Sunflower Summers
By: Heather Ober Onomatopoeia poem - Camping
By: Natasha Niemi Simile poem - unknown
Metaphor poem - unknown
Personification poem - no tittle
By: J. Kurnath Concrete poem - The Eternal Tree
By: Pablo Picasso Haiku poem - no titles - nature haiku poems
website - ww.haikupoemsandmore.info
By : Unknown Limerick poem - Two Trees
By: William Thomas Dodd

Fishing Dreams - Brian Jacobs Free Verse poem -
Autumn By : Fern Free Verse Poem Autumn By: Fern Wind blowing briskly
Leaves fall from the trees
We rake colored leaves in a big pile.
And jump! I am Alive Forever and always Essence Rebirth Renewal
I have earth to ground me I have wind to move me I have fire to cleanse
my spirit I have rain to quench my thirst for growth
I have sun to enlighten me feed me I am my own mother
and an extension of the whole I am earth wind
rain sun fire I am as old as life and I am as young
as time I am shelter to those who seek me I am a bird a flower and the breath
of the earth itself I am exactly where I want to be I am life
I am first and last the beginning and the end I am one from many
I am what I am I live I grow and I die. I am Reborn into myself
I am the great circle
My limbs know no
Boundaries; while
My leaves whisper
The one truth of the
Whole through the
Seasons changing
Colors that I wear
Upon my heart's
Sleeve, I'm home
To Earth Mother's
Melodious Life; I
Sing for the whole
World to hear - trees
Are Earth Mother's Song
Blowing 'round the leafy
Globe; eyes of the world song
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