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MYP2 - Final Review

This presentation aims to help students have an overview of what they have studied in MYP2.

Pedro Brandao

on 3 January 2013

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Transcript of MYP2 - Final Review

Brainstorm MYP 2 Urgent
Changes I insist/ suggest that you visit a doctor.
It's important/ essential that you tell him everything.
He'll recommend that you not abuse.
[Subjunctive] Dilma is the woman
who was ellected
President in Brazil. Hungary is the country
whose capital is Budapest. Important
Details (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr (cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr Dishes which are made of raw fish are typical in China. (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr Passive Voice So/Any/No Unreal Past
Situation Causative Form Relative Pronoun predictions about the future Subjunctive Verb Patterns Connectives Express opinion Urgent actions Ask someone to do sth Look forward/
have difficult - To say someone
did sth wrong

- To say someone
regrests having done
sth She shouldn't have said that in class.

You should have studied more. We should've bought our
tickets before.

I should've called. To say someone had the
opportunity to do sth but
didn't do it She could've gone to Disney
but she decided to stay
and live a romance. "It's high time
I changed my
hair." "It's about time
Rick saw me." Things my teacher
always say... I want you to do HOE. We would like you to participate in the campaign. I need you to bring the RB next class. Drinking too much
coffee excites me. In the future...
...good doctors will be available for everyone;
...our medical information may be in our ID cards;
...all diseases might be curable; By 2020...
...I'll have concluded college;
...Brazil may have become the biggest power;
...I might have gotten married. [Predictions for the future] [Future Perfect] whatever = no matter what/ anything
whoever = every person who/ no matter who
whenever = no matter when/ any time
wherever = no matter where/ any place I need to have my hair dyed
I want to have my nails polished.
I will have my dress designed
[Causative Form] Unreal Past Situations
If I had studied more, I would have had a better grade.

We'd have had better results if we had done HOE.

(If+ past perfect...would+present perfect) Connectives
Add info = besides/ in addition
Contrast = although/ while
[RB pg. 44] Verb Patterns
1. like/love/hate/prefer + infinitive/ing
2. enjoy/consider/mind + ing (SB pg.57)
3. see/let/help/hear/make + obj + infinitive
without "to" Some/Any/No [St. page 12] Pedro Brandão Content Relative Pronouns Look forward to+ing verb/ noun =anxious
Have difficulty with+ noun
Have difficulty in+ing verb
[SB pg.13]
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