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French - Grammaire 2

No description

Emma Potzner

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of French - Grammaire 2

Grammaire 2 The Verb Avoir
and Negation. J' ai The Verb Avoir and Negation Because it's talking about two people, you would use the plural verb. Pierre et Jesan ont deux chaises. To make any sentence negative, add ne... pas around the verb. Negation He has two chairs. Il a deux chaises. J' (ai/as) quinze ans.

Mon ami Samir, il (ai/a) seize ans.

Samir et moi, nous (avez/avons) un prof de maths super. Which one is correct? tu as il/elle/on a nousavons vousavez ills/ellesont The Verb Avoir (to have) Peter and Jason have two chairs. He is a singular noun, so you would use a. Ca Va. Ca ne va pas.
It's going fine. It's not going fine.

Clea a un poster. Clea n' a pas de poster
Clea has a poster. Clea doesn't have any posters. You use n'...pas when the verb starts with a vowel sound Positive or Negative? J'ai un poster.

Il ne a pas de poster.

Nous avons deux chaises.
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