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My Prezi

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gary John

on 26 September 2017

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Transcript of My Prezi

My Prezi
INTRODUCTION: This is an example of a Prezi for EDUC 1300 Learning Frameworks class

I was born in Big Spring, Texas and moved to Farmington, Arkansas where I raised pigs...
I graduated from Brownsville High School and then went to Austin College where I completed my B A in History and then my MA in Counseling
Dr.Gary G. John

I became a faculty member at Richland College in 1972 and also completed my doctorate in Education from Texas A & M in Commerce the same year...
*NOTE: you can add text and pictures that illustrate things about you as I have done
My Path to Completion
Now that you have visited the career center and taken CHOICES you can share your results after they are interpreted you will have all kinds of information to add to this section of your Prezi.

I have added an example here as if I was
freshman student at Richland.
My Gauges

Quality World/LIFESPACE
Critical Thinking
#1. Example of when I operated from a "Fixed" mindset:
"When I first started this class I thought I didn't need it even though the advisers said I had to take it."
My mindset score was: 46
#2. Example of when I operated from a "Growth" mindset: "
Now that I have completed the class I see that I did need many of the things covered in this class."
#3. Example of how I could apply
a "growth mindset" in another
"I can see now how math is
something I can learn if I will apply
myself every day and go to a tutor
if I can't figure it out by myself."

(a) If Sam were operating
from a from a "fixed" mindset
he could respond by saying...
"I think I better consider a different major and drop this course".

(b) If Sam were operating from a from a "growth" mindset he could respond by saying...
"I believe if I go to the learning center, work with a tutor and spend two extra hours a day I can pass this course:"
My Example: When I was studying
for my comprehensive doctoral exams I joined a team of 4 other graduate students and we met every other day for 4 hours. Each of us took a topic and did all the research on that topic and created notes. Then we shared our results. This study group enabled me to cover five times the work I could have done on my own!

I passed the exams!!
What happens when you are watching the super bowl, drinking tequila with lime, and have a patient cat.
Note: You don't have to do
this section this way. This is
just an example.
You can come up with any
way you want to display the
results of the assessments we
have taken in class- this is just one way. Note: I have not yet
included ALL gauges we will
be completing. This is a "work
in progress" and as we near the end of Spring semester we will have a few more gauges to add to our PREZI's final version!
Cognitive Style (CS):
Spoken Words 28
Spoken #'s 36
Written Words 40
Written #'s 38
These scores show I take in information in all
four modes, however, my two highest areas are
words and #'s I SEE. So I need to pay attention to
what I am seeing but will need to really focus to make sure I don't miss anything that is spoken.
Internal/External Locus of control :
My score was 121
This means that I am more internal and choose what I think is important based on what I think rather than being overly influenced by what others think.
My score was 44
This means that I am close to a growth mindset but still have some fixed mindset ideas.
My score was 4.0
This, means, according to the text, that I am
pretty gritty and finish and/or follow through
on nearly everything in spite of obstacles.
Myers-Briggs Temperament Type (MBTI): ENTP

Interesting facts about the ENTP:
On personality trait scales, scored as Enterprising, Friendly, Resourceful, Headstrong, Self-Centered, and Independent
Least likely of all types to suffer heart disease and hypertension
Least likely of all types to report stress associated with family and health
Scored among highest of all types in available resources for coping with stress
Overrepresented among those with Type A behavior
Among highest of all types on measures of creativity
Among types most dissatisfied with their work, despite being among the types with highest income
Commonly found in careers in science, management, technology, and the arts

The Learning Framework course provided many opportunities for exploration and assessment that helped me set personal, education, and career goals.

I used the CHOICES assessment to identify occupational themes of interest to me, career areas, values important to my work, and my basic skills. My two major general occupational themes are: #1:
and #2.

There are two careers that I am interested in pursuing. I researched Career Education requirements, the growth rate, and the potential salary for each occupation:

: This career usually requires at least a Masters Degree in Counseling which means you also have to have a Bachelors Degree first. Probably Psychology would be what I want to pursue first. Growth rate seems good and the beginning salary is about $60,000 working in Higher Education for an eleven month contract...which is where I want to be.

Professor in Psychology
: I want to work in a community college and learned I need a Masters degree in Psychology with at least 18 graduate hours in Psychology to be able to teach in a community College. There is a very limited growth rate, however, many present faculty are nearing retirement so the future may show a higher growth rate soon. Beginning salary in a community college is about $46,000 for a nine month contract, however, you can teach extra courses (up to three each semester) at about $2,000 for each class. This means I could add about $12,000 not counting the possibility of two extra classes in the summer as well...which would mean adding up to $16,000...for a total of $62,000 per year!

I have identified clear Pathways from my short-term education goals to my intermediate education goals to my long-term career goals:

Short-term Goals:

Pay off my credit card within six months
Begin a savings account immediately to cover emergencies with goal of $600 in six months.
Begin an exercise program of running a mile every other day.

Intermediate Goals:

Continue to work in Dean's Office part-time while I finish my two year degree from Richland
Transfer to UTD and complete a Bachelors degree in Psychology (hopefully with some scholarship)
Continue to increase my exercise program and include weight training every other day

Long-term career goals.

Complete a Masters degree in Counseling from NTSU or Texas A & M in Commerce
Gain a counselor or professor position in a community college
Get married and buy a house and begin a family

My LIFESPACE shows the "3 A's" that make up my actual/real world each week:
(people I am with),
(with things and organizations I am involved with), and

to me. When I "step outside the frame" I can look at the whole "picture" of my life--a "metacognitive view"--and see the dynamic interactions between all the various parts that make up my world a the moment I took this "picture". I believe each of us needs to step back and look at what we are actually "doing" at least once a week, and analyze, evaluate, and reflect on what we realize inorder to make the changes we need on an on-going basis to "realize" the Quality World we want to have.
We had many opportunities to practice critical thinking in the class: Counting the F's; Doing the concentration grid; Solving word puzzles; Working with the thinking Routines like: "I used to think, now I think"; Solving problems on the white board like: how to make a line appear shorter without touching it; Processing our thinking about Quiz and Exam question answers; Learning new processes for reading, note-taking, taking tests, paying attention in class--and in life; and when/how to use technology.
Example of how I engaged in critical thinking using CTQ's when: Buying my new truck

kind of vehicle do I need? With my lake place I know I need a truck. I also need to carry 4 people sometimes. I do not need 4 wheel drive nor a long bed since I have a 16 foot trailer.

would be the best place to buy it? I want a reliable dealership that I can trust to do good work and be honest with me and is close to my work so I can take it and leave it easily.

much should I pay? I have only approximately $30,000 total to spend and stay in my budget.

buy this particular brand? I will investigate to see which brand is rated the highest overall.

is the best time to buy it? I need to buy it before my old truck needs more expensive repairs.

Some thoughts on creativity
Wander around
: My grandfather had 19 different inventions and one of his favorite sayings was: "You can't invent what you not aware of". He suggested that I wander around in all kinds of stores to see what things were there and how I might then use them in a new invention. So love just looking at the tools and materials in Home Depot, Bass Pro Shop, Office Depot, etc.
You can't see the picture when you are in the frame:
is one of my favorite concepts. You have to "think outside the box" is another way to phrase this concept. Often we need to perceive something from a new frame of reference or step back and look at the whole picture (life the LIFESPACE process allows us to view all aspects of our lives dynamically).
Use mindmap to brainstorm ideas for a paper or project:
just like this PREZI lets you "cluster" things all on one page, just putting down ideas or thoughts without judgement first, then looking at them often helps create or invent something new and creative.
Instructions: Work on this by yourself for five minutes then compare answers with your group and see if you can get a few more answers or decide to change some of your answers.

1. How many outs in an inning of baseball? ________
2. IF you divide 30 by ½, then add 10, what is your answer? ________
3. How many birthdays does the average man have in his lifetime? ________
4. You are tired. It is 8 pm. You set your old fashioned wind up clock for 9:00 am. How many
hours of sleep will this permit you to have? ________
5. How far can a dog run into the woods? ________
6. Where do they bury people living west of the Mississippi? ________
7. A man builds a house with four sides. Each side has a Southern exposure with a large bay
Window. A bear walks by. What color is the bear? ________
8. What can you fill a bucket full of to make it lighter? ________
9. How much dirt is in a hole 1 yard deep, 3 feet long, and 36 inches wide? ________
10. What is Smokey the Bear’s middle name? ________
11. If you have your appendix removed, the operation is called an appendectomy. For the
Removal of tonsils, it is called a tonsillectomy. What is the name for the removal of a growth
From the head? ________
12. Which will burn longer, a blue candle or a red candle? ________
13. If you had only one match, and entered a room which had a kerosene lamp, an old heater,
and a wood burning stove, which would you light first? ________
14. Some months have 30 days, some 31, how many have 28 days? ________
15. I have in my hand two U.S. coins. They total 55 cents in value. One is not a nickel. Please
bear this in mind. What are the two coins? ________
16. A farmer had 17 sheep and all but 9 died. How many did he have left? ________
17. Two men were playing checkers. They played five games and each won the same number
of games. There were no ties. How is this possible? ________
18. An archeologist claims that he found gold coins dated 16 B.C. Is this possible? ________
19. How many animals of each species did Moses take aboard the Ark with him? ________
20. Is it legal for a man in North Carolina to marry his widow’s sister? ________


1. stop petty sneak __________
2. elephant lapse vivid __________
3. lick sprinkle mines __________
4. shopping washer picture __________
5. stalk trainer king __________
6. sea home stomach __________
7. walker main sweeper __________
8. mouse sharp blue __________
9. envy golf beans __________
11. board magic death __________
12. pot butterflies pump __________
13. bald screech emblem __________
14. note dive chair __________
15. ski high rope __________

EDUC 1300 Team when I was coordinator in 2015

Elli Results

My Critical Curiosity is the area I need to work on the most. I think it is low because at 73 I have followed my curiosity already to find out about most things I was curious about.
Respond to the following prompt by providing examples of a growth and fixed mindset response to Sam's situation: "Sam is a first generation-to-college student whose career goal is to become an engineer. During high school Sam struggled in his math and science courses. Sam is currently in his freshman year and has completed the first of 2 of 4 tests in his science with grades of 50 and 60."

My Path to Completion: Example as if I was a beginning student

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