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My MJL Speach

julianne latynski

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of Ballet

by: Julianne Latynski Ballet Ballet Beginnings Famous Ballets and Types of Ballet Ballet moved from Italy to France. The 5 Basic Ballet Positions This girl has a very nice turnout. Practice makes Perfect! Ballerinas can stretch like this for hours. Hard Work, Dedication, & Discipline BALLET Classical Neoclassical Contemporary Classical ballet is the strictest out of all three ballets. In neoclassical ballet, the dancers dance to more extreme tempos. Contemporary ballet is the mixture of classical ballet and modern dance. Costumes Shoes Pittsburgh Ballet Theater
uses Capezio pointe shoes. Ballet Dancers Male 2 times the strength Ballerinas Evelyn Cisneros Anna Pavlova Practice.......... ...to Performance! Ballet shoes are the dancer's tool! THE END
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