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Ann Sexton

No description

Hayden Pheneger

on 26 April 2011

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Transcript of Ann Sexton

Anne Sexton
1928-1974 born in Newton, Massachusettes
attended Garland Junior College for one year
married Alfred Muller Sexton II at age 19
began a career in modeling in San Fransisco and Baltimore
gave birth to first child in 1953
diagnosed with postpartum depression in 1954 after suffering from her first mental breakdown
admitted to Westwood Lodge, a neuropsychiatric hospital
gave birth to second child in 1955 and had another episode, returned to hospital and children were sent away
that same year she attempted suicide on her birthday
encouraged by doctor to persue her interest in writing she developed in high school
in 1957, she enrolled in a poetry workshop at Boston Center for Adult Education
poet Maxine Kumin became her close friend during her schooling
Kumin said that poetry gave Sexton something to work towards and develop and enabled her to live as long as she did
in 1974 she lost her battle with mental illness and ended her life by drinking a glass of vodka and locking her self in her garage with her car turned on Sexton was described as the modern model of the confessional poet. The content of her work included depression and despair. She had a major influence on what poets could write about. Her writing included issues that were not commonly adressed in society and especially poetry. These include topics such as masturbation, abortion, and adultry.
Sexton's wirting style was mainly sonnets, although ahe worte free verse. She used similies to invoke images and emotions of the reader. She also used rhymes in some of her works to enhance the flow of the words. Anne Sexton gained quick success with her writing career. Early on she was published in The New Yorker and Harper's magazine. Within 12 years she was a Pulitzer prize winner, a fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, and the first female member of the Harvard chapter of Phi Betta Kappa. Famous Works 45 Mercy Street
Live or Die
Transformations Bio Writing Style Career
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