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Quality Feedback

No description

Shelli Reeves

on 9 March 2016

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Transcript of Quality Feedback

Quality Feedback in the Virtual Classroom
Primary Purposes of Feedback
What Does Research Say?
“Academic feedback is more strongly and consistently related to achievement than
any other
teaching behavior….
This relationship is consistent regardless of grade, socioeconomic status, race, or school setting….
...When feedback and corrective procedures are used, most students can attain the same level of achievement as the top 20% of students.”
Bellon, Bellon & Blank

Power of Quality
Immediate impact on results
Lower failures
Greater number of successful completions
Higher levels of student achievement and morale

**Failure here undermines
every other effort

in curriculum, assessment,
and teaching

What feedback is and isn't...
Strong Instructional Feedback Research and best practices
Feedback is:
addresses performance
a guide for future performance
[Feedback] describes what you did and did not do.
Grant Wiggins
Feedback is NOT:
value placing
about blame
about approval or disapproval
Keep students successfully on course so they can achieve higher results at their destination

Help instructors evaluate the effectiveness of their own teaching

Provide information about what happened, in light of a goal; there is no blame or advice, just actionable data from some result
"'Good job!' and 'Try harder next time!' are examples of feedback. Yet, strictly speaking, neither is feedback: the first phrase is praise and the second phrase is advice." Grant Wiggins
Characteristics of Effective Feedback
“The more delay that occurs in giving feedback, the less improvement there is in achievement.” (Marzano(1), p. 97)
48 hour turnaround at most

What the student is doing that is correct
What the student needs to achieve a better score
Choose areas of feedback based on those that relate to major learning goals and essential elements of the assignment
Should be encouraging and help students realize that effort on their part results in more learning
(Marzano(2), p. 105)

Specific to a Criterion
Precise language on what to do to improve
Reference where a student stands in relation to a specific learning target/goal
Also specific to the learning at hand
Based on personal observations

Focused on the product/behavior - not on the student

Did the student understand the feedback?
Opportunities are provided to modify assignments, products, etc. based on the feedback
What is my follow up plan to monitor and assist the student in these areas?

Would you rather...
Imagine that you are a student taking courses with FLVS. Select the instructor feedback that you would rather receive.

Keep in mind that the goal for every instructor is to wean students from always asking “Is this what you wanted?” and “What should I do, then?” over time.
Thank you, Kayla. :) Good start on your own film review. I'd love to see you go into more detail as to why you would not rate this film highly, especially in the second two paragraphs. You will also need to resubmit with either a recording of you reading (performing) this review aloud or the rubric filled out by your parent/guardian of you reading it aloud. This process of critiquing a film will be of great value in the next lesson. Thank you!
Thank you, Kayla :) Please resend with more details. Thanks!
Hi Joseph,
You will need to fix numbers 2 and 4. The rest look great. Thanks!
Hi Joseph,

Thank you for your hard work here. You have 8/10 questions correct.

Let me offer you some ideas on how you can fix #2 and #4:
#2 - Here, you made a simple computational error. Would you add 5 to both sides?
#4 - Make sure you distribute the 3 to
variables inside the parentheses.

**Remember, you can always plug in your solution and check your answer.

Below is a helpful link you may use to get ready for the next lesson.

I look forward to grading your corrections!
Hi Gabriella,
You did a great job retelling Hansel and Gretel. Your story was fun to read.

This is extremely impressive! Rarely do students re-write so much of the story, and yours has such dynamic dialogue! Your use of imagery is inspiring and your use of techniques is perfect. The only small improvement on your dialogue would be this:
“Nothing.” he said. When we use a question mark or exclamation mark, the punctuation goes inside. You can skip the period so the sentence looks like this: “Nothing,” he said.
That being said - if you added the period INTO the quotes to create a tone - then leave it as it is.

Your narrative writing quiz is up next, and based on what I see here, you should do very well. Feel free to attend our live review tomorrow at 5 pm.
Hi Kaylee,
Nice job completing the lab.
Hi Kaylee,

Wasn't it neat to see the difference in dropping and floating your paper clip in water? You picked THE PERFECT object to test out. I am a huge fan of lava lamps too :-).

In the next lesson, you will be studying Earth's early atmosphere. Water plays a big roll! Check out the announcement page for the 1.05 study guide; it's super helpful.

DASH forward
Feedback should always (be):
ddress Performance

An acronym to consider when giving students feedback
Using Snippets or "Canned" Feedback
If someone writes me a letter that tells me how important I am, the good ideas I have, and how much they value me and my work, I will treasure that and be encouraged to keep it up! Now, if I find out later that 10 other people got the exact same letter, I would feel disappointed and like I don’t really matter that much after all. I’d probably lose some confidence, too.
a thought From one of our amazing ILs...
Hi Kyle,

You did a great job of contrasting “O Captain, My Captain” with the excerpt from the magazine about Lincoln’s presidency! You had some great points!…..

Hi Kyle,

Nice job of contrasting these texts! Your observation that, “It was like they were talking about two different people” is right on target! I especially like that you used “hero” to describe Whitman’s view of the president…

Can you see the difference below?
Snippet Sensibility
There is a time and a place...
May be used in giving further instruction once personalized, detailed, and specific feedback has been offered

May be used at certain points within unique instructor feedback to reinforce a learning outcome

May not be used in documenting DBA feedback mastery related to items discussed during DBA
If feedback is such that any student's name can be used, it's not unique feedback.

Marzano(1), Robert. Classroom Instruction that Works. ASCD, 2001.

Marzano, Robert. “Designing a Comprehensive Approach to Classroom Assessment.” Ahead of the Curve: The Power of Assessment to Transform Teaching and Learning. Douglas Reeves, Editor. Solution Tree, 2007.

Reeves, Douglas. “Challenges and Choices: The Role of Educational Leaders in Effective Assessment.” Ahead of the Curve: The Power of Assessment to Transform Teaching and Learning. Douglas Reeves, Editor. Solution Tree, 2007.

Wiggins, Grant. Educative Assessment: Designing Assessments to Inform and Improve Student Performance. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Inc., 1998.

Miser, W. Fred. “Giving Effective Feedback.” Web.

Wiggins, Grant. "Assessment as Feedback." New Horizons for Learning. Johns Hopkins School of Education, Mar. 2004. Web.

“7 Keys to Effective Feedback” by Grant Wiggins in Educational Leadership, September 2012 (Vol. 70, #1, p. 11-16), http://bit.ly/SLd3BU; Wiggins is at gwiggins@authenticeducation.org. Web. http://www.nesacenter.org/uploaded/projects_resources/Marshall_memo/GrantWiggins450.pdf

"What Feedback Is and Isn't." Granted and. Wordpress, 15 Apr. 2014. Web.

*Further research/reading available upon request.
FLVS Parent and Student Quotes About Feedback

"I have two children taking multiple courses with FLVS, and there are times when I wish I had a video camera to record their faces when they are reading quality feedback from their teachers. They get so excited! When their teachers provide feedback that is unique, specific, helpful, when it sites their work directly, what they have done well, and what they need to do to improve, it motivates them (just ask Mr. Billingsly!) They are more inclined to work harder, learn more, resend. As a parent, I really appreciate that."


"I feel like my teacher cares about me when I get special feedback. I have had teachers that use a template, or something like that, over and over for my feedback, and when I get a 100 on an assignment, it's not as satisfying. I like to know that I am learning and getting smarter. I like to know what I need to do to correct my work if I don't receive a perfect score."
Proper Snippet use in feedback
Proper Snippet use in DBA feedback
Hi Rachel,

(personalized, detailed, specific)
I really like the pictures you chose, especially the one of the Japanese warrior on the horse. Isn't it interesting how in battle, the Japanense would dress their horses to look like dragons? You have some excellent information here, but let's consider how the information should be presented in this assignment.

First, recall that you are in Medieval Japan writing home. If you wrote a postcard home, would it simply list facts or would your way of writing be different? Who are you writing to? What have you seen, heard or experienced that you want to tell them about?

(personalized, detailed, specific)
So, for example, you wrote, "In the Medieval Japan the warlords and samurai were some of the wealthiest people then." Let's make that an observation, "In the Medieval Japan I saw the warlords and samurai were some of the wealthiest people then."

I am looking forward to your resubmission. Please let me know if you need any help - always here for you!

Ms. Teacher

Hi Jerome,

(personalized, detailed, specific)
I really enjoyed speaking to you today! You chose (-4, 5) as your ordered pair in the second quadrant, which was PERFECT! The shape you chose to plot on the coordinate plane was a triangle, and the vertices were (1, 3), (-3, 5) and (-4, -9). You explained that in the fourth quadrant, the x-coordinate is always positive and the y-coordinate is always negative. I particularly liked how you said that a T-Chart "made graphing easy."

The module test is your next assignment. Please be sure to prepare using the information and links below. If you have any questions, or if you need any help at all, please let me know. You've got this!

01.10 Module One Test: Test Review Video, Test Review Tutorial

Mr. Teacher
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