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Ancient Greek Family Structure

No description

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Ancient Greek Family Structure

Ancient Greek Family Structure
Amber Ortiz

Family Structure
Men were married to women who were between 12-16 years old
Three generations of families would share a home
Typical family: Parents, Children, Grandparents, unwed females, relatives and slaves
Slavery was very prominent in families
Divorce was very common, woman would later remarry

Families House Structure
Most houses had courtyards were a lot of activities were held
The court yards usualy had alters for worship
In a house there were separated areas for men and woman, that even had separate entrances
Most houses were made out of brick and stone
Family Roles
Men only had full citizenship and authority over family
Men were involved in crops, politics and trade
Woman were expected to cook, run the house and children
Woman were not aloud out of the house much because they had to do work at home
Male children were to help father in hunting and crop
Fathers chose their daughter's husbands
Slaves were in charge of discipline of children, cooking and guarding the house
Family was very important to the Greeks.
Familys focused on their beliefs and traditions.
The roles in Greece are different then roles we have know.
They have different standards for family.
Ancient Greek around 500 B.C
Values of Family
Dance was very important in Greeks, they believed it helped emotional and physical health
Engagement was valued very hgih for Greeks in marriage
Writings and Philosophy:Plato and Homer
Religious Values of Family
They believe in Mythology
They believe in the worship of gods
The main deity was Zeus
Families would worship gods in temples
For worshiping they used alters, dances and praying
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