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Medieval Japan

No description

jaxon euverman

on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of Medieval Japan

The Rising sun was the flag of the Japanese military.It was the symbol of good fortune.
The Bonsai tree was the pleasant exercise of effort and exercise
The Samurai were brave Honorable
Warriors that would do anything to protect
there emperor.And if they felt in any way they
failed the emperor they would kill themselves
by a sword threw there heart
The cherry blossom was not always as wide spread as it is now it use to only be limited to the elite of the imperial coart.
The Japanese were a race that loved nature and that resulted in most of their temples having magnificent gardens that included ponds , cherry blossom trees and many more astonishing things that nature brings us .

- Buson
In a mad world only mad are sane

-Akira Kurosawa
Instead of being afraid of the challenge and failure , be afraid of avoiding the challenge and doing nothing

-Soichiro Honda
The emperor that was shown in the last samurai opened the gates of japan to the western world because the advise he was hearing from his advisers. But then he was realizing what he was doing to the great history of japan he was throwing it all behind just like what the western countries did to theirs .So after that he shut the gates of japan once more so his country would not go in the route of the westerners.
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