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Library Orientation February 2017

No description

Alaina Crowder

on 5 September 2017

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Transcript of Library Orientation February 2017

Mrs. Crowder,
Library Media Specialist
Monday-Friday 7:15 a.m.- 2:45 p.m.

Open for morning session, lunches (except one - changes depending on the day),
afternoon session (with prior permission), and Student Success on Tuesdays (clubs use the library on Thursdays)

*You may need a pass to come in for the morning study session or lunch
*Check for a closed sign or listen to the announcements
Rules and Procedures
September 2017
Welcome to the SHS library!
Checking Out Books
2 books at a time
2 weeks at a time
Cannot check out books labeled "Reference"
You will receive overdue notices on paper twice per semester as well as through e-mail; computer charges 5¢ per day
Your name goes on the school debt list twice a year at final exam time
Books can be renewed up to 3 times to avoid late fees

*Check the stamp in your book for the due date
*There is a drop box at the library door
Follow ALL school rules in the library
Sign in on the computer when entering
Give Mrs. Crowder your hall pass; it must be signed before you leave
Leave book bags at the front door
School work ONLY on the computers (no games)
Keep the shelves neat and the library clean
Printing and Copying
5¢ per black and white copy

15¢ per color copy

If you do not have the money with you it will be charged to your library account.

HINT: Buy a flash drive and name it using your first and last name!
Accelerated Reader
Teen Library Council
See me or your English teacher for your username and password
Use http://www.arbookfind.com to find out if your books have an AR test
Join our club to:
Plan library events
Run fundraisers
Participate in community service
and much more!
Card Catalog
Our card catalog is online and can be accessed from any computer.
Visit shslibrarian.southampton.k12.va.us/researcher to access it.
Research skills
Writing a research paper
Using MLA format
Using technology
Digital citizenship
Google and database searches
Plagiarism and copyright
Evaluating websites
How can I help you?
You cannot check out books today if you owe money/books from last school year!
Searching Tips
Search for a genre
Search for an author
Science fiction
Realistic fiction
Historical fiction
Nicholas Sparks
Sarah Dessen
Mike Lupica
Sharon Draper
John Green
Veronica Roth
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