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Camp X by Eric Walters

No description

jeny warren

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of Camp X by Eric Walters

Timeline 2013 2009 2010 2011 2012 Audience 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c Cinematography Stop at 40 seconds. and train rushes by with no explosion Summary An 11-year-old boy named George, his older brother, Jack and their mother moved to Whitby, Ontario in the summer of 1943. In Whitby they discover a spy training camp called Camp X. They are caught and sign a secrecy oath which means they cannot say a word about anything in the camp. The boys learn much about the camp and are sent off with tasks. When delivering newspapers one day they are caught by German agents. Jack and George are tortured and almost killed, but they learn a lot about the Germans. They get away and warn Camp X of the attacks that are planned. They risk their lives to warn Camp X, and are proud about their success. Theme Curiosity: One of the many themes that this book has is curiosity. Jack and George’s curiosity turns into a huge misconception and leads to a mysterious place called Camp X.
I believe that this theme would be used to keep said audience intrigued, and thinking about what will happen next and where this theme could lead the characters. Rating I would rate this film 14A because there are some scenes that may be violent to some viewers Target Audience George 11 years old
level headed
follows older brother Jack
gets scared easily Sound track The scene i have selected is when the boys see the four men in black suits put what they thing is bombs on the train tracks. The boys instantly hop into the water so that when the explosion happens they have some sort of cover. The boys then wait for the expected explosion and nothing happens. This scene will be filmed using a swish pan shot so the audience can capture both the train quickly moving closer to what the boys thought was a bomb and the terror on the young boy faces as the train approaches the bridge. Camp X
By: Eric Walters Zachary Gordon Realization: Another theme in this book is realization. Jack and George join Camp X and go on an essential adventure, but when they think that something’s wrong, they realise that they are being sent to German camps to gather information so that they can bring back their knowledge to the Camp X leader.
This theme would be used to either make the audience tense or make them feel relaxed by letting out information that has been withheld for a period of time. The target audience for this film would be teenagers and young adults because some scenes or concepts may not be grasped by younger viewers. It may also attract some of the older viewers because of the historical features This young actor doesn't only show the physical characteristics of Jack but also has demonstrated the character traits of being stubborn and competitive in one of his previous film "Diary of a Wimpy Kid." In war everyone is suspicious: Jack and George think everyone that is a German are spies because world war two is happening during this book. They find out the chief of the police is German and the editor of the newspaper is German and they think both of them are German spies. This turns out to be kind of true when they get capture by Mr. Krum because he is a German spy. They figure out the police chief is not a spy after running away from him when he tries to rescue them Charracter Casting
14 years old
competitive Max Charles George would be a would be a good role for Max to play. Max is already the youngest of four brothers so he already plays the younger brother in his everyday life. Jack
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