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"A Day to Remember"

In my Hometown

Marjorie Mallillin

on 30 January 2015

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Transcript of "A Day to Remember"

Today, the sky begins to glow
Slowly, the radiance of the sunlight rays appear
Then suddenly, little by little I found the memories show
Entirely remembering them crystal clear
And hoping at this moment, still they grow.

At noontime, kids tend to stay at their habitats,
Trying to establish strength with meals.
This is part of the day where resting is at.
But if they found out that boredom kills,
They go outside and display their handmade kites.
Ultimately, before the day comes to outrun,
Kids are found alive in the street.
However, when mother yells, “
Anna Ku, mangan teran.

Replying to a friend, “
So abit, mallabe nakkun. Sonu umma ulit
At this instant, I found myself dreaming jubilant.
Busily, the people fire up the day
Scooping a teaspoonful of brunette coffee,
Mixing with a sweetener from a sachet
Then, pouring a hot misty water freely
Finally sipping with no dismay.

Every afternoon, children call their friends
To play in the street of heavenly happiness,
The place in town where friendship truly never ends.
“Patintero,”“Sungka,””Luksong Baka,” among others
Street games are how the whole afternoon is spent.
In my Hometown
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