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HeLa Timeline Murphy

No description

Katie Murphy

on 27 March 2012

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Transcript of HeLa Timeline Murphy

Henrietta Lacks Timeline 1873 John Hopkins donates 7 million
to start med school and charity
hospital. 1889 Hopkins is built 1899 George Gey is born. January 17, 1912 Alexis Carrol grew
"Immortal chicken heart." 1919 Pneumoencephalography was a technique
developed. September 1, 1920 Henrietta is born. 1940's Gey denied a request to create and run
the first commercial cell-culture lab. April 10, 1941 Henrietta and Day get married. December 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor August 20, 1947 A U.S-led international war tribunal in
Nurember, Germany, had sentenced seven Nazi
doctors to death by hanging. The doctors conducted
unthinkable research on Jews without consent. 1948 Crownsville avenges 1 doctor for
every 225 patients. November 2, 1949 Records of HeLa 3 days before
Deborah is born. 1950's Ted Slavin born
hemophiliac. September 19, 1950 Henrietta goes to hospital, no
note is taken. 1951 12 students found that cervical adenocarcinomes and epidermaid
carcinomes responded the same to radiation. 1951 TeLind developed a theory
about cervical cancer. Febuary 5, 1951 Henrietta finds out her cancer
is malignant. Febuary 6, 1951 A week after HeLa went to hospital,
diagnosed with cervical cancer. March 20, 1951 Henrietta recieves radiation
treatment. April 10, 1951 George Gey appears on
WAAM T.V. Early June 1951 Henrietta's cancer worsens
but doctors do nothing. September 1951 Henrietta's body is covered
with tumors. September 24, 1951 All treatment is stopped for Henrietta. October 4, 1951 Henrietta dies. Febuary 1952 Jonas Sacks develops first polio
vaccine. April 1, 1952 Gey experiments HeLa cells with Polio. Febuary 1954 Southam injected a women with Henrietta's cancer
cells and followed with an Indian ink so when he
examined her later he could see if cancer was growing
in the injection site. 1955 Elsie dies this year. May 1956 Southam put an add in the Ohio State
Penintentiary seeking volunteers for
cancer research. 95 Volunteers showed up
then later turned into 150. June 1956 Injected 65 prisoners with HeLa
cells. 1958 "Overcrowded Hospital Loses Curable Patients" Reads Washington Post. 1960's French researchers had discovered that when cells were infected with certain viruses in culture, they clumped together and sometimes fused. Southam made an arrangement with Emanuel Mandel to use the hospital's patients for his research. July 5, 1963 1961 Leonard Hayflick published a paper showing
normal cells reach their limit when they're
doubled about 50 times. August 27, 1963 Three doctors wrote a resignation letter citing unethical research practices. December 1963 Hyman hoped for similar access to
medical records related to the study. June 10, 1965 The Board of Regents Medical Grievance
Committee found Southam and Mandel guilty of "fraud or deceit and unprofessional conduct in the practice of medicine" and recommended that their medical licenses be suspended for one year. 1966 " The year in which all medical progress ceased." 1966 Guidelines for consent implemented. November 10, 1966 Deborah gave birth to Alfred Jr. 1969 Hopkins researcher used blood samples from more than 7,000 neighborhood children to look for genetic predisposition to criminal behavior. 1970's Ted Slavin sold the antibodies from his own blood. Spring 1970 George Gey finds out he has pancreatic cancer. September 12, 1970 Joe and Ivy fight. September 15, 1970 Joe kills Ivy September 29, 1970 Joe turns himself in for killing Ivy. August 8, 1970 George Gey goes into surgery; surgeons find cancer has spread too much. November 8, 1970 George Gey dies. 1971 HeLa cells have reached
20 year anniversary. 1971 Detailed definition of informed consent. April 16, 1971 Joe pleads guilty to 2nd degree murder. December 1971 Jones and colleagues published tribute to George Gey in obstetrics to Gynecology. May 1972 Nixon pledged that American and Russian scientists would work together in a biomed exhange program to find cancer. 1973 Group of researchers at Yale talked about mapping Henrietta's genes. March 9, 1973 The journal Native published a letter from J. Douglas, a biologist at Brunel University. April 20, 1973 Douglas announces that HeLa cells are definitely named after Henrietta Lacks. October 1973 Federal register, public comments on new law would be published. June 26, 1974 Deborah went to McKusick's office to give more blood. 1975 Roger got in a car accident in Baltimore. 1976 Lacks family finds out people were buying and selling Henrietta's cells. 1976 1st biotech company to mention where the researched cells originated from. 1963-1983 Every couple of months Moore would fly to L.A for follow up exams with Golde. March 25, 1976 Mike Rogers Rolling Stone article hit news stands. 1978 Protection of Human Subjects in Medical Experimentation Act. 1980 Moore's lawsuit considered patentable. 1980 Deborah took her car to a mechanic named James Pullum. 1981 Deborah and Pullum get married. 1983 Moore got suspicious with Golde when he decided to meet closer and pay for his tickets. 1984 Moore sued Golde and UCLA for deceiving him and using his body in research without consent. 1984 A German virologist named Herold Zar Hauson discovered a new strain of a sexually transmitted disease called Human papiloma Virus 18. HPV-18. 1985 University pressed published a book by Michael Gold, a reporter from Science 85 magazine, about Walter Nelson- Ree's campaign to stop HeLa contamination. 1987 Jeremy R. Flein filled a lawsuit in Federal Court to halt Axel's research on the grounds that it violated the 1975 Natural Enviorment Policy Act. 1988 The California court of appeals ruled in Moore's favor. Early 90's A scientist at Yale uses HeLa to discover that human cancer
cells contain an enzyme called tollomerase that rebuilds tollomerse. 1996 Adam Curtis makes HeLa documentary. 1996 Health insurance Portability and Accountability Act. October 11, 1996 Rolland Pattillo organizes the 1st annual HeLa cancer control syposium and names Ocotber 11, HeLa Day. June 4, 1997 Robert Jr. speaks before the House of Rep. to pay tribute to Henrietta Lacks. 1999 Rebecca meets with Courtney Speed. July 9, 2000 Deborah and Rebecca meet at a bed n' breakfast in Baltimore, Maryland. September
13, 2001 70 top cancer researchers gather from around the world to present data. 2008 Genetic info. Nondiscrimination Act. 2008 Skloot contacted McKusick. May 11, 2011 Deborah, Rebecca, and Zakariyya go to see HeLa's cells.
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