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Corporate LLR Presentation

LIFE Leadership Launching a Leadership Revolution Education System

Interactive Presentations

on 2 February 2017

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Transcript of Corporate LLR Presentation

70% of U.S. workers are NOT ENGAGED at work.

When employees quit, the cost of training new replacements can represent 48% – 61% of the position's salary.
Active disengagement costs the U.S. $450 billion to $550 billion per year.
70% of employees who LACK CONFIDENCE in the abilities of senior leadership ARE NOT FULLY ENGAGED
75% of people voluntarily leaving jobs don’t quit their
Leaders Are Struggling to Address These Issues
Only about 25% of business leaders have an employee engagement strategy.
86% of business and HR leaders believe they do not have an adequate leadership pipeline. 
79% believe they have a significant retention and engagement problem.
77% do not feel they have the right HR skills to address the issue.
75% are struggling to attract and recruit the top people they need.
Only 17% feel they have a compelling and engaging employment brand.
...they quit their BOSSES.
The LLR Six-Month Leadership Training Curriculum
Audios include:

Leadership Defined
Change Management
Success Reading
Formula for High Achievement
Audios include:

Lens Effect
Workplace Adaptability
Interpersonal Skills
Navigational Success
Audios include:

PAiLS Visionary Process
Conflict Resolution
The Importance of Feeling
People Quit People
Audios include:

Foundational Leadership
Overcoming Obstacles
Workplace Integrity
Animation of Your Presentation
Audios include:

Buried Treasure
Success Leaves Clues
Overcome Life Challenges
Professionalism 101
Audios include:

Leadership & Self-Deception
Self Talk
Preparation & Overcoming Fear
Information vs. Communication
... and added some team-building experiences like rock climbing, golfing or going on a ropes course.
It usually meant pulling your staff off of their job for a day or two...
...and even during the course, the training is competing for your staff's attention against the daily pressures of the office.
Most staff report having had an enjoyable time during their leadership training...
... but if you quiz your staff a month or two later, you realize they've retained very little of what they've learned - let alone applied it.
You might have invested a lot of money in a big-shot keynote speaker for the day...
If you're like most organizations, you may have used some of the classic leadership training strategies:
You've decided you want to improve employee engagement? Invest in developing your LEADERS. The question is: how
you develop your leaders?

Just as your staff wouldn’t exercise at the gym for one day and expect change,
with a flexible and personalized schedule around people’s busy lives.
through consistent small doses of training, over time,
We believe the BEST way to affect lasting change in your staff is by reinforcing leadership principles,
way to develop your staff is by helping them read and listen to leadership information daily.
Source: Gallup's 2013 State of the American Workplace report
Maximizing the Return on Your Human Capital Investment: The 2005 Watson Wyatt
Human Capital Index Report.a
“No one impacts the state of engagement as much as his or her immediate leader.”
Source: Employee Engagement: The Key to Realizing Competitive Advantage. ©Development Dimensions International, Inc, MMV.
According to the Corporate Leadership Council, of the Top 50 Levers to Engagement, 36 out of 50 of the levers were based on the leadership characteristics of the direct manager.
Source: Corporate Leadership Council 2004 Employee Engagement Survey
“A study of pre- and post-training engagement scores showed that when leaders improved their skills through training, employees became more engaged in their work.”
Source: Employee Engagement: The Key to Realizing Competitive Advantage. ©Development Dimensions International, Inc, MMV.
“The right training not only leads to increases in productivity and customer satisfaction, but at least

20% jump in profits.”
“A study by the American Management Association found that companies that increased their training after changes in the organization reported 63-percent higher productivity & 69-percent higher profits.”
When deciding on leadership training, “The Ken Blanchard companies new ‘Cost of Doing Nothing Calculator’ shows that every year of delay costs the average organization 7% of annual sales.” (That’s equal to 21% of annual sales over three years.)
Source: Making the Case for Leadership Development: The 7% Differential. ©2011. Ken Blanchard Companies
Q: “ What if I invest in my staff,
and they LEAVE the company?”

A: “What if you DON’T invest in your staff, and they STAY?”

Ask your LIFE representative for information on how to get started today!
How Engaged Are Your Staff?
Your Leaders Drive Engagement
80% of employees DISSATISFIED with their Direct Manager WERE DISENGAGED

"As a hospital CEO... The LLR Corporate Education curriculum gives me the tools to ensure leaders are prepared to serve... and are inspired to lead...”

—Michael A. Franklin, FACHE, Hospital President and CEO
"Quillen Brothers was named in the top 100 contractors in America after only 2 years of implementing the LLR leadership system into our culture.”

—Robert Quillen, Owner, Quillen Brothers
"Because of the leadership skills I have learned from Life and the LLR Subscription, I have been able to lead a publishing company with offices in the USA, Canada, and Panama, with 25 employees and millions in revenue. All I have is a grade 11 education and LLR.”

—Ken Dunn, Founder & CEO, Next Century Publishing
Customer Testimonials
LLR Corporate Education System
Training is Temporary. Development is Permanent
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