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David Carson

No description

Winter Yan

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of David Carson

David Cars n Constance Magazine Design: Ray Gun Poster Design Design Philosophy Design Features Bryan Ferry’s article being presented in Zapf Dingbats 1954 in Texas “You don’t have to know the rules before breaking them” Poster for a Tsunami Relief Benefit event A Bit Backgrond... Legibility&Communications An overlooked area: Don’t mistake legibility as communications Sociology Graphic designer, Art director and Surfer 1990s magazine design & experimental typography Graphic Design Career University of Arizona : 2-week graphics course by Jackson Boelts 1980 1984 Oregon College of Commercial Art 1983 1992 David Carson Design 1995 Closed down Studio now 3-week design workshop in Switzerland Hans-Rudolf Lutz “dirty” type and grunge typography Intuition No boundaries Illegibility Subjective edge Winter Impact Deconstructed text Grunge typography Experimental
Photography Illegible text Non-professional imagery Exaggerated color corporate work for Ray Ban, Nike, Pepsi Cola, Microsoft, Kodak new clients like Nine Inch Nails, Sony, etc. End Of Print Bibliography Emotion “Master of Typography” “America’s most innovative designers.” “…he changed the public face of graphic design.” “may actually get young people reading again.” Creative Director in Gibbes Museum of Art 2011 Quiksilver Pro Surfing Contest San Sebastián International Film Festival Little White Lies magazines European Design Awards lectures, workshops, exhibitions http://typegeek.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/raygun1994.jpg
http://designarchives.aiga.org/#/entries/%2Bid%3A9211/_/detail/relevance/asc/0/7/9211/ray-gun/1 The most famous graphic designer on the planet Overlapping blocks of copy
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