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Insightly Insight

Tutorial designed for the use of Insightly

Antoine Pluche

on 8 June 2011

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Transcript of Insightly Insight

Insightly 1. Contacts and Organizations 2. Tracking Opportunities 3. Follow Up This database, though resourceful, is inert for the moment. Now the goal is to have everyone in Australia as in the UK and anywhere else to use it actively, upload their contacts, details and projects to make it the window of GPP's activities Insightly records all GPP's contacts, individuals and organizations, and tracks them down in past and future correspondence, thereby creating an up-to-date adress book. Adding a contact from an email Adding a contact on Insightly Adding an organization on Insightly To add a contact from an email, you just have to scroll down to the bottom of the email and use Insightly Gmail Gadget v2. as shown on the picture.
Then click on 'Save to Insightly'. It will both load the email on Insightly and allow you to add the contact on the database. Navigate through the tabs and click on 'Contacts'. Then click on 'Add New Contact' You can see everything about a contact on Insightly, it is therefore important that you fill conscientiously the details of the new contact. Click on the blue 'Add more details about this contact ' and fill the relevant fields. Always link it to the associated organization (cf. 'Tags' in the Follow Up section). Always start by searching the organization you want to add in the search field
to make sure it is not already saved on Insightly. If the organization does not exist click on the 'Add New Organization' and as for
a contact, fill out the relevant field as precisely as possible. Tag the organization once it is created. Click on the 'add tag' underneath the organization title. All organizations should be categorized using tags so that Insightly users can instantly see how the organization relates to GPP. Refer to the tag list. Insightly records the parameters of GPPs potential relationship with a new contact and their organization by creating and managing 'Opportunities'. This process records an opportunity in the areas of hosting presentations, providing media attention, networks that open up new potential hosts and so on. It makes pending proposals, won and lost deals visible to guide you in your upcoming work. Creating an Opportunity
from a New Contact email Click on 'Save to Insightly' and then on 'Add Opportunity'. Opportunity name field: Give the opportunity a name using the following format: Country (e.g AUS), State (Vic), Area where the organization can potentially be valuable to us (this should fall under the following categories: Network, Presentations, Presenters, Resource, Major Partner, Media), Organizations name. Example: AU VIC Network/Presenters/Presentations : Jewish Aid Give a brief description in the description field.
In the category field choose from on existing categories based on how the person/organization relates to GPP.
Ignore the 'how much', 'fixed bid' and 'probability of wining' fields. Opportunity status There is a colour code according to the Opportunity statuts: grey if won and closed, green if still open. Projects and Tasks Importing and Exporting Contacts Contacts can be imported directly from your Gmail account, a CSV file or Outlook and exported to your Google contact list or a CSV file to then be used for all of your activities. Both Projects and Tasks make GPP's actions visible and accessible to who you want (cf. 'Privacy' in Follow Up section): ensure that the necessary details are attached. Colour code for projects Tasks are sorted according to their due date. Insightly is a great tool to make things visible and accessible. Regular updates are necessary fo everyone to be able to take over/understand any task or project undertaken or get informed about a contact, an organization, a policy. Tags Tags are designed to group things together on Insightly. There is a limited number of them
and it is not meant to grow for obvious reasons of simplicity. With tags, you can associate contacts according to their organization, field of activity, characteristics. Whenever you add a contact, make sure to pin them with the appropriate tag, only creating a new if none of the existing ones fits. Just click on the drop down menu to find the existing tags, Notes Notes are like post-its, things you learned and/or need to remember and that are handy for others. These memos work both for you and the ones who are going to use the details you uploaded. Emails There is an email tab that displays the emails that you have uploaded and that others have shared. If you want to share with others an email of interest, upload it by following the process described in the third window of this tutorial. Scroll down to the bottom of the email if you want to add a comment or attach a file to make it more accurate/usable The Dashboard The dashboard gives a great overview of what has happened recently on Insightly, from the addition of new contacts, to emails and opportunities recently closed. If one piece is of interest to you, just click on it to make it appear in its detailed version.
-It is possible to sort the information available by type (contacts, projects, Google docs…) with the drop-down menu next to the Search Activities window (basic research option).
-The green cross on top of the screen is used for quick item adding (contact, organization...).
-The pin opposite to the green cross lists the recent items you have viewed. Before we go to the details of Insightly, here is an introductory video Glossary The Dashboard: it is the first window that appears as insightly loads up. With one glance you can check the brief outlines about recent activities such as contact adding, opportunities winning... Contacts: they are all the people and organizations with whom GPP is and has been in touch. They are listed alphabetically and are GPP's adress book. Each of them has got an identification windw linked to them so that as many details as possible are uploaded. They can be imported from Gmail accounts, and exported on a spreadsheet. They are grouped with Tags. Organizations: This database works like the 'Contacts' one. You can either interact directly with the organization or with their assigned contact that appears on the right side of the screen. Opportunities: They make up a process that basically aims at forging a new relationship with a hosting organization or contact and is to be followed up. They can lead up to presentations, media coverage... An opportunity can be 'open', 'close' or 'won'. Tags: Tags are used to sort items per group on Insightly. There is a limited number of Tags that should be kept as low as possible. Contacts and Organizations can be 'tagged': grouped and classified. Projects: Projects are long-term aimed tasks. Tasks: They make visible what everyone is working on. Short-term aimed, their update helps to coordinate people's activities. They allow the team to know 'what is happening' Notes: They are like post-its, reminders. They help to make visible what one needs to know about a contact. Emails: They are uploaded from an email adress and shared with everyone. Click on the play button to watch the video ! Double click on any item
for a close up view ! -Projects are long-term drawn. You can associate contacts to a project, but also milestones and tasks, notes and files to share the data between participants. Remain updated with the overview screen.
-Tasks can be added for yourself or anyone else, linked to projects and milestones. Privacy You can define permissions and restrain access to anything you create: projects, tasks, opportunities, or add: contacts, organizations. Welcome to this Tutorial that will introduce you to Insightly, an amazing tool to organize your contacts, share important data and remain updated about GPP at any time!
It will only take you 10 to 15 minutes to complete this basic introduction after which you should be able to find your way through. Bonne chance ! or find it enclosed here
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