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Manager Report - Sept 27, 2012

Operations and Finance as presented to Caucus

Sherry Lipp

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Manager Report - Sept 27, 2012

From Jan 2011 to Sept 2012 SON Steps along the way The Strategic Planning Cycle An SDS Review ... interviews conducted with the members of the School (May-July 2011) Where Are we Now November 18, 2011 producing a report outlining a Mission, Vision and 5 strategic priorities (including goals and actions) Workshop October 2011 Attended by SON Membership Where do we Want to Be Strategies and Programs How will we get There? Production of Integrated Project Timeline Jan 2012 - August 2012 production of Strategies to Action Document Production of Stakeholder Analysis Student Support Office Who will do What? Administration Office Clinical Skills Lab Educational Delivery Where we are now. Roles & Responsibilities Delegated Objectives Delegated Programs Student Support
Office A New Structure Next Steps:
Team Development
Process Focus Order of Focus:
Team Development
Process Improvements
Structure to align with Strategic Priorities Administration Team 10 Year Forecast Planning with the Dean's office Finance FMS Certification HR Functions Research Statistics for May-Sept 2012 of processed requests Eseza Nsibambi
Joyce Wu
Sherry Lipp Cindy Lee
Joanna Ho
Sherry Lipp
Ellen Siu (temp) Administration & Faculty Support Ellie James Joy Franklin Katie Bey Joyce Wu Merrilee Hughes
Joanna Ho
Sherry Lipp e-Recruit
- Roles, classifications, postings, recruitment, selection, hire - 17 5+7= (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr This year May1-Sept26 Last year same time Hires 143 17 5+7= (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr Change of Employee Status Job Changes 31 Total 191 Faculty and Paper Requests
Statistics: 10 leaves, appointments/departures
ARPT: 5 this year 2012-2015 Strategic Priorities Document Upcoming:
1) Joy Franklin (vacation to retire: Dec 21/12
2) Katie Bey - Travelling Sept 28-Oct 9
3) Replacement announcement will come out this week.
4) Ellen Siu from the Dean's office helping us with "Finance" and "Facilities" External and Internal analysis Business Process Mappings

Leave Tracking (Eseza Nsibambi)
Clinical Sessional Hires (Sherry/Joyce)
Student Collection Fees (Joy Franklin)
Orientation Process (Becky Armstrong) This is where we are right now 17 19 152
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