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Greek History On Nike (The Goddess)

No description

Tiffany Ramirez

on 9 March 2015

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Transcript of Greek History On Nike (The Goddess)

Greek History On Nike
Nike, the goddess of victory, usually appears as the charioteer of Zeus in the scenes of The Gigantomachia.
Allies and Enemies
Enemies: Typhon, Poseidon, and Pallas.
Friends: Athena, Bia, Zelos, Kratos and Oileis.
Allies: Zeus, Prometheus, and Nereus.
If I would want to be a professional soccer player I would have to be victorious at many soccer games. Nike would be able to help me be victorious and become a professional soccer player.
Nike's weakness: she always wants to win.
The Goddess
Song: Rather be
By: Clean Bandit Ft. Jess Glynne
Nike the goddess of victory
Nike was the winged victory goddess, both in battle and friendly competition. When Zeus was gathering allies in the beginning of the Titan war, Styx brought Zeus's four children Nike, Zelos, Kratos, and Bia. Nike was picked to be a charioteer, and the rest of them were picked as sentinels. Since then Nike wasn't in any more myths.
This guy has a problem
That nose tho
As you can see in these images a lot of people don't know exactly how Nike looks, But what they do know is that Nike always holds a palm branch.
Palm Branch
Hope you enjoyed
By:Tiffany Ramirez
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