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After the revolution

A Prezi-Kutcha for PreziDay 2014 in Copenhagen

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Transcript of After the revolution

Prezi-Design & Story: Zoom-Studio | Melanie Eckhoff

Copyright Notice
Couple watching television bored © eelnosiva - Fotolia.com
La defense in Paris © eyetronic - Fotolia.com
Public lecture © aerogondo - Fotolia.comPress conference © wellphoto - Fotolia.com
Businessman holding a protest sign © ra2 studio - Fotolia.com
Businesswoman getting bored while attending presentation © WavebreakmediaMicro - Fotolia.com
Green living room with open door © archideaphoto - Fotolia.com
Countdown timer © voinsveta - Fotolia.com
World map interface © peshkova - Fotolia.com
Mann mittleren Alters hat Kopfschmerzen © Kaarsten - Fotolia.com
Business concept male finger pointing delete key © ducdao - Fotolia.com
Speaker at Business Conference and Presentation © kasto - Fotolia.com
Arrow twist up to success number options with icons © sombatkapan - Fotolia.com
Time concept © Sergey Nivens - Fotolia.com
Sofa im Wohnraum in Vogelperspektive 2 © psdesign1 - Fotolia.com
Magazine Mock Up Pack © mucahitgayiran
Advance Comics Publication Kit - Full Bundle © mrcharlesbrown
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