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What will be the experience of Campus Groups at the University of Toronto?

Having done a review from a variety of stakeholders, the Office of Student Life presents a model of where the University of Toronto should head in its development of campus groups.

Asim Ashraf

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of What will be the experience of Campus Groups at the University of Toronto?

+ 2 U of T members Constitution Booking Space Office of
Space Management Listing of Funding UTSU
Funding Hart House
Good Ideas Fund Faculty of Arts and Science
Dean's Initiative Fund Fundraising
& Donations Web Services Training and Education Other Services Events Calendar Bank Account Web
Space Email
Address Sponsorships What will campus groups be like at the University of Toronto? Complaint Process Recognized Campus Groups Student Life-Sponsored Groups at St. George Approval
for SLSG Booking Space Hart House International
Student Centre On-Campus Sites Sources of Funding Training and Education Advisor
Consultations Office Space Committee to Allocate
Student Activity Space Approved Sussex Clubhouse
Occupancy Agreement Rotman
UC Art Lounge
Sussex Clubhouse
Career Centre Majority of executive committee be students
Majority of membership be students
Two student leaders attend two leadership workshops
Two student leaders attend transition/feedback sessions SLSG Fund Office of Student Life Where can I get information about all there is to know about being a registerd club that at U of T? Ulead Recognition
Process Group Networks Activity Space Database Conference, Orientation, Tipsheets SLSG Dedicated space on the Ulife website as a central hub of information.
Online lists, video tutorials, and guides available for campus groups.
Helps to navigate students on being leaders of organizations at U of T. Tipsheet
Templates (3) Basic, Standard, Advanced April 30 annual expiration.
Checklist for Instant or Conditional recognition. Ulead Mandatory
Orientation Leadership
Programs Joint Student Life and UTSU Online quiz-based tutorial
Policies, AODA, Equity
Regular sessions or equivalents REVIEW PROCESS Student-Staff
Liasons New New New Review Policy New Area of
Interest A ranking order of interest area. New + + Identify
an Advisor Staff, faculty, alumni, external, request one from OSL. New Process of Renewal New New Listserv Portal
Space To Be Devloped Enhanced New Review Review Requirements: Request advisors for specific organizational issues. Advisor Profiles Connecting groups
of similar interests. New Self-Risk Assessment New SLSG eligible to apply for office space. To Be Developed Colleges Multi-Faith Centre Applicants foster networking and collaborating.
Sources of funding be determined.
Criteria be developed for applicants. Event Planning
Fundraising & Sponsorship
Financial Management
Conflict Resolution & Mediation
Diversity and Equity
Web Design
Member Outreach and Retention
Retreat and Transition
Elections and Referenda
Develop communication vehicles
Planning networking events
Connecting students to staff
Provide resources and information
Assessing collaborative projects
Organize rewards and recognition
Template of certificates
New awards for group leaders
Online co-curricular or portfolio Awards & Acknowledgments New & Review All Other Services Listed Below New Model of Recognition and Service Enhanced
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