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Curating (finding The Best) Evidence

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Mallory Mattivi

on 14 December 2017

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Transcript of Curating (finding The Best) Evidence

- When answering any question in writing, it is important to support that answer with evidence. In writing, it is important to do the same. We have done this in the past by using RACE.

- This week, we will be focusing on finding the BEST evidence to support claims, we will use this when we go to write our literature analysis in January.
Step Two: Eliminate Weak Evidence
- Once you've gone to the text and gathered several pieces of evidence, go through and eliminate the pieces that are weakest.

- The evidence you are left with once you have eliminated the weaker evidence should be the BEST evidence that supports your answer/claim/topic.
Let's Try one:
Entrance Ticket:
1. Watch Video.
2.Pick Which Side You're On (For or Against Voting Machines).
3.Watch Video Again.
4. Create a List of Evidence.
5. Eliminate "weaker" pieces of evidence.
6. Circle BEST evidence to support your side.
Step One: Look For words and phrases
- When looking in the text look for words or phrases that are related to the question being asked (in reading) or the claim you are making in you essay (in writing).

For Example:
In reading, if you were asked how does New York City influence the Amigo Brothers you would go back to the text and look for times New York City is mentioned.

When writing, you will want to go back to the text to look for key words related to the topics or claims addressed in your essay.
curating (finding The Best) Evidence
(When Writing)

- Claim: Milk is good for humans.

- Possible Evidence (Pick the best two):
1. It "does" a body good.
2. It provides many vitamins and calcium.
3. Builds strong bones.
4. Reduces cancer risk.
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