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Jorella Report

No description

Winston Altura

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of Jorella Report

ABOUT THE AUTHOR… Received Datu Bago Award in 1982
Awardee in the Philippine Government Parangal for Writers of the post-war years in 1984
Gawad CCP awardee for the essay in English in 1991
Recipient of Outstanding Sillimanian Award for her contributions to literary arts and culture in 1993
Named National Fellow for Fiction by the UP ICW in 1993
Director of two NCCA Mindanao-wide Creative Writing Workshops and two UP National Writers Workshops
President of the Mindanao Foundations for Culture and the Arts in 1997
Won the Ateneo de Manila University of Women’s Writing Award in 2003 ABOUT THE AUTHOR… Born in Jolo, Sulu
Editor of the first two issues of Sands and Coral
Graduated with an AB degree Major in English in 1949
Obtained an MA in English Language and Literature at the University of Michigan in 1954
Won the prestigious Jules and Avery Hopwood Award for fiction
Taught at the University of Mindanao and Ateneo de Davao University
Was the Humanities Division Chairperson for 11 years in AdDU
Founded the first school of Fine Arts in Mindanao in 1980 – Ford Academy of the Arts ABOUT THE STORY… JAPANESE OCCUPATION CHARACTERS Mr. and Mrs. Golez – a couple who was forced to move out from their house by the Japanese soldiers
Padre Ignacio- the cura of Bacolod, he manages and takes over the church
Engineer Augusto Baylon (Mr. Baylon)- an engineer faithful to the Japanese who was still forced to evacuate his house
Catalina Baylon (Mrs. Baylon)- wife of Mr. Baylon who owned two hogs, but eventually kept only one
Mrs. Asuncion - One of the people living in the church, she is disliked by Mrs. Baylon and Mrs. Roldan
Mr. Asuncion- husband of Mrs. Asuncion, was thought to be a traitor, but later on became somewhat of a hero
Mr. and Mrs. Roldan – moved into the convent because their daughter was being perverted by a well-known citizen who tried to scale the partition of her bedroom SUMMARY The story happened during the WWII when the Japanese were taking over the Philippines. This caused so much fear to the Filipinos. Many Filipino families were forced to moved out from their respective houses because of the Japanese occupation.
Because of this, Padre Ignacio made some room in the Church for some families to live in. The families living in the west wing of the convent were the Golezes, Asuncions, Baylons, and Roldans.
Mrs. Roldan and Mrs. Baylon became best friends, and they often compared notes about Mrs. Asuncion. They would talk about rumors about Mrs. Asuncion, and her daughter who was seen flirting with a Japanese officer.
One day, Mrs. Asuncion was complaining about Mrs. Baylon’s pig. The women were about to get into a fuss until Padre Ignacio came to deliver some good news. Aida Rivera-Ford NOW AND AT THE HOUR Between 1942 and 1945
Bataan Death March
Surprise attack took place on December 8, 1941
Manila was declared an open city on January 2, 1942. The HUKBALAHAP (Hukbo ng Bayan Laban sa Hapon )
Japan's formal surrender on September 2, 1945 An estimated 1 million Filipinos had been killed, a large proportion during the final months of the war, and Manila was extensively damaged. Setting Church in Bacolod SUMMARY Padre Ignacio told them not to tell anyone except their husbands about the Americans coming to bomb the country, and the Japanese acting jittery about it.
And so, the men decided to build an air-raid shelter but the hole they made turned out to be a lake.
Meanwhile, two Japanese officers took Padre Ignacio. Each family was thinking that someone leaked out what Padre Ignacio said about the Americans coming.
The Roldans and the Baylons suspected Mr. Asuncion to have leaked out those information as he was seen in the Kempetei by Mr. Golez, the old man. Meanwhile, Mr. Baylon, frustrated as he is, decided to cover up the hole they just made since there was water; he thought it was useless. It was disagreed upon by Mr. Roldan who went looking for Mr. Asuncion to make the decision, but Mr. Asuncion can’t be found. Since then, Mr. Asuncion has not come home, and his wife has been looking and weeping for him hysterically. Nobody knew where Mr. Asuncion was. And so it made Mrs. Asuncion frustrated that no one can tell her where her husband was. Instead, the people in the convent would just mutter some rumor like Mr. Asuncion staying with a querida.
Meanwhile, all the families where starting to move out the convent since the war was almost over except Mrs. Asuncion who kept inquiring about her husband in the Kempetei.
As the new broke that Padre Ignacio had come home in the convent, everyone rejoiced and thought of throwing a surprise for his release. Mrs. Baylon offered to cook her pig into a lechon. While everybody was eating, suddenly Mrs. Asuncion came in which made the room just silent.
She knew she was not invited but she had to ask Padre Ignacio if he had seen her husband. Padre Ignacio was surprised to discover that her husband was missing. Padre Ignacio told them that the Japanese threatened him because he did not want to give up the church to become a geisha house and it was Mr. Asuncion who pleaded for him. Everyone was surprised to have known this because they accused Mr. Asuncion of being the traitor.
Padre Ignacio and Mrs. Asuncion prayed some Hail Mary, while Mrs. Baylon just got sick of the happenings and just vomited.
As years passed by, Mr. Asuncion was never seen again and many people supplied many versions to explain his disappearance.
Mrs. Asuncion was positive he was killed by the Kempetei and her story became so embellished with heroism in guerilla work and subsequent martyrdom. Others claimed that the guerilla did away with him because of his friendly dealings with the Japanese, while some still believed that he was still alive. Years have past and the convent survived the bombings. Padre Ignacio was sitting by his window watching little kids play as he recounted his past events during the war.
He missed the days with more tension and danger, he missed the comradeship of all the families in the convent, and remembered how the Japanese soldiers mistreated him.
While he was recounting the past events, he heard to screams of the frightened boys as a blue phosphorescent ball of light was whipping itself over a spot of ground and Padre thought it was a poor soul struggling to have it’s grave sanctified. That certain spot was where the hole of the air-raid shelter had been dug. THEME OF THE STORY RUMOR
HEROISM THEME OF THE STORY The story described how the Filipinos helped each other during the time of war. It also shows how the Church reached out and stood strong during the occupation.
The story shows how people use rumors to avoid confrontation with the person. It also shows how Filipinos infer about certain things, treating one as an enemy first before a fellow citizen.
People may have found it hard to trust anyone as they fear that they may have spies living with them. Although they argued and fought each other, there was still some kind of fellowship involved as they still try to help in their own ways
We can also see some act of heroism. Even though the martyr knew that he would look bad, he still did what was supposed to be done for he knew it was the right thing to do. THEME OF THE STORY FIGURES OF SPEECH AND IMAGERY Anti-climax There was much more tension, but also more excitement, more feeling he thought. Allusion There is a Judas among us. FIGURES OF SPEECH AND IMAGERY Visual Padre Ignacio found her kneeling alone in the church, her tubular pallor glowing in the purplish light of the empty church. She arranged her bureaus and her piano to form a wall at one end of a long hall… FIGURES OF SPEECH AND IMAGERY Visual It was going to be a very special shelter, big enough for thirty or even fifty. The light from the single chandelier fell on the rich copper sheen of the roast pig… FIGURES OF SPEECH AND IMAGERY Auditory He led the prayers in an old shaky voice, devoid of its once virile and dramatic timbre. Mrs. Asuncion made an attempt to subdue her sobs as the muffled voices rising and dying down gradually and suddenly rising again became a consistent patter of sound. Mr. Baylon shushed his wife with irritation… FIGURES OF SPEECH AND IMAGERY Auditory Before she could go in, she heard hurried thumps in the sala… He literally got wind of the surprise when the unmistakable odor stuck him, he thought he had awakened in heaven. Olfactory Personal Insight PREPARED BY: Daniel Agdeppa and Jorella Altura The End References:
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