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Communication Strategies

No description

John Reginald Miñoza

on 25 January 2017

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Transcript of Communication Strategies

Communication Skills
Communicative Skills:
Avoiding Communication Breakdown
Repair and Termination
Turn-Taking, Topic Control,
and Topic-Shifting
Group 5
Communicative strategies
are attempts by participants in a communication activity, but mainly by the speaker to express his or her ideas in a way that minimizes a breakdown in communication.
Nomination, Restriction, Turn-taking, Topic control, Topic Shifting, Repair, and Termination.
Topic Management
a topic allows the listeners
or audience to tune in to the topic.
Recalling some background information.
Preparing the listeners.
Let's talk about...
I would like to talk about...
Today I am going to discuss/talk about...
is determined and limited by the amount of time given to a speaker.
during a discussion involves changing from one speaker to another in a way that does not disrupt the communication process.
Topic control means the speaker should focus on the topic without straying into other discussions.
is a shift from a topic in which listeners are not may cause the listeners are interested in to one in which the listeners are not may cause the listeners to become uninterested in both the message and the speaker.
Let us now turn to the issue/topic of...
I will now talk about...
In addition to (current topic), there is also the (next topic
as a shift in communicative strategy can affect the delivery of a message and the duration of the interaction. Particular attention must be given to the piece of utterance that produced misunderstanding.
I mean...
What I mean is...
Let me rephrase that...
In other words.....
Let me say that again...
One way to
a speech or a discussion is to restate the main idea of the speech in a way that is memorable to the listeners.
Let me end by saying...
In conclusion...
In summary...
We were able to discuss...
Preventing Breakdown in Communication
Asking for Clarification
Using Non-Verbal Language
Building on What Others Said
Thank You!!!
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