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Air Pollution and Hybrid Cars

No description

Shannon Cross

on 22 April 2015

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Transcript of Air Pollution and Hybrid Cars

What is air pollution?
Air pollution is pollution in the air. It harms animals, bodies of water, and plants.
The Problem: Air Pollution
Air Pollution in Colorado is less than 64, 70-75, and 75-80. To solve this, hybrid cars were invented. They combine two different power sources. Hybrid cars are gasoline-electric. They are known as an HEV or hybrid electric vehicle.
How does this issue affect the United States?
Air pollution damages the environment.The toxic air and the chemicals that form acid rain and ground level ozone can damage trees, crops, wildlife, lakes and other places.
What have we done to stop this?
We have invented hybrid cars to stop air pollution. Hybrid cars do not use fuel. Fuel pollutes the air and so hybrid cars are air friendly.
Let's list the sources.
Air Pollution and Hybrid Cars
By: Rishi and Tristan
Thank You For Watching our presentation!
This is how the world should look like.
Factories Make air pollution
Hybrid Cars. Is it a solution?
How some parts of the world looks like now
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