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Hero's Journey

No description

Ben Creer

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Hero's Journey

Micheal Vey
Prisoner of Cell 25

By: Ben Creer
Call to adventure
Taylor gets kidnapped by Dr. Hatch. So Micheal goes to save her.
Micheal Vey the main character who has "shocking," (bad pun) powers.
Ostin, Micheal's genius best friend
Taylor the other one with powers. (Who Micheal loves)
Lives in Meridian Idaho
Not very popular
Gets bullied a lot
Jack and Wade help them get where they need to go
They also help save Taylor
Hero's Journey
Shape shifters
Dr. Hatch tricks everyone into thinking he's good. Then stabs them in the back.
Supreme Ordeal
He gets tortured by Nichelle, Dr. Hatche's main evil servant.
After he gets tortured he gets a lot stronger and has more electricity
Return with new knowledge
He returns home knowing how evil the Elgen are.
Wise Mentor
He doesn't ever have a mentor except himself. (And Ostin.)
The First Threshold
They form the electroclan and try to find out who they are.
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