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My Life

No description

Matt Mortinsen

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of My Life

It's the LIfe of Birth My birth years were great
I learned to walk and talk.
I didn't do much when I was a
baby and a toddler because I didn't
have any interests The only problem I had was when my cousins threw my into a glass coffee table. At which point I said my first sentance. The sentance was,
I hit my head on the coffee table! Elementary I had a fantastic life in
elementary school I started basketball, because I was the tallest in my class. I really loved playing it. Basketball was a big portion of my childhood and it's what got me a lot of friends I had really good grades in elemantary. With good grades I also made friends because being good at school was a really big deal. Middle School Middle school
was alright. I was a lot more interested in basketball at the time. I went to Laredo Middle school Laredo was okay it wasn't the best I started club basketball and really improved my game. In Elementary school I went to Hawaii with my parents annd it was the best trip ever WE went all over Haweii and visited most of the island.
It was the best trip because I got a lot stuff and I leaned to surf.
When a got back to school i got to brag to my friends about how awesome it was. At my school,
we had 3 weeks for fall and spring break, and 5 weeks for winter. So that meant that we had plenty of time for vacations. I played in a lot of tornaments across colorado and out of state. In 8th grade my class and I went to Washington D.C.
It was a really cool trip and we went all over the city. I learned a lort about our nations past
and bonded with a lot of my friends. High school Matt

Mortinsen In Washington D.C. i learned about our nations history.
The trip was a big part of 8th grade and i made a lot of good friendships. I went to Indian Ridge Elementary school I currently go to Regis Jesuit High School I played Basketball for the freshman team and right now I'm playing for the Colorado Miners. Hopefully, I have a great four years at Regis. I'm running track this semester, I don't like it as much as I thought I would, but
I'm using tack to get in shape The Future Go this way!!! In the future I'd like to go to a good college and preferibly a college on the east coast. After college, I would like to go to medical school and become an anasteiaologist or some kind of doctor. Another option is international banking. In college I'd either study Economics or Chemistry depending on what I'd like to do.
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