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Women's Empowerment

No description

Annie Apple

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of Women's Empowerment

How does this foundation empower women?
eradicate sex slavery
rescue operations
shelter services
rehabilitation programs Jenna:

"Going to school and learning about topics I'm interested in" Rinchen: What Empowers you? "When I want to do something, I know my family will support me no matter what" Sam:
"I know I have a large network of safe and healthy relationships. Mariel:

"Knowing I can pursue any career path here at Duke" Annie:

"Having a job so I can make and spend my own money Empowerment of Women by: Annie, Jenna, Rinchen, Sam, and Mariel What is Power? Types of Power power over: dominant groups impose choices on others

power within: how women view themselves

power to: ability to make strategic choices

power with: in relation to society, support from other women and men definition: people's capacity to make strategic life choices and exercise influence So what is empowerment? definition: how someone who was formerly denied power gains power people can have power without being empowered

The Theory of Change Factors that Lead to Disempowerment Gender specific constraints:
ex. males=breadwinner
Gender intensified constraints:
ex. girls less likely to receive education
imposed gender constraints:
ex. right to divorce, right to own property So how can we create an environment for Women's empowerment? There are critical moments during the planning of many intervention strategies THE BASICS of Empowerment: What does Successful Empowerment Look Like? What do YOU think?

1. women's sense of self worth
2. their right to have and determine choices
3. their right to have access to opportunities
4. power to control their own lives
5. the ability to influence the direction of social change Umoja Village: " Men are the head of a body, and women are the neck. The neck may support the head but the head is always dominant, towering above. We are our own heads here. " Somaly Mam Foundation: Desta Mender: "Village of Joy" Case Studies: scenario 1: scenario 2: Yesterday's husband is diagnosed with AIDS. When the village people find out, she becomes a pariah: she fears for her life when she goes to fetch water and loses all support. Because her village has turned on her, she is forced to run the family all on her own and take care of her husband. All the while she becomes more sick herself. Teacher Sara notices that many of the secondary school girls do not have consistent school attendance. When she walks home at the end of the day, she spies her students sitting at home doing housework. She asks some of these girls why they weren't coming to school, and they said it was because the bathrooms weren't separate at school and the boys bullied them when they were menstruating. Their parents saw this as an opportunity for them to stay at home one week a month and work instead of going to school. Debate: What Do You Think?
(10 min) Is Umoja an appropriate intervention approach to empower women?


Is Umoja too radical and evasive of changing gender norms? Brainstorm Brainstorm Bigger Picture Overview 1. Power vs. Empowerment: Definitions and Discussion
2. Real-Life Intervention Approaches
3. Group Work: Case Studies Mission: To give victims and survivors a voice in their lives, liberate victims, end slavery, and empower survivors as they create and sustain lives of dignity. Vision: A world where women and children are safe from slavery. Focus on making connections... Women's empowerment encompasses many intervention approaches The UN defines empowerment as: the mission: the vision: How:
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