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Description :)

No description

Jeanne Pauline Lanuza

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Description :)

Things Involved in a Description yourself DESCRIPTION preparing... D ESCRIPTIONs developing a paragraph through creates a picture through words. are words that are used to convey perceptions of the world to the reader to make him
a or . see, feel, smell, hear, taste, person, place, events the observer of the object of the description; being observed. and the Let's have some fun! dog roses fragrant fries vase wall concrete fresh velvety clamorous cuddly fuzzy gleaming fragile spherical rough hard savory crispy delicious The little girl is selling fresh, fragrant, velvety roses. My neighbor's dog is fuzzy and cuddly and sometimes clamorous. The spherical fragile vase I bought is gleaming. They sell savory, crispy, and delectable french fries. Justin bumped into the hard, rough, concrete wall. select 3 GREEN descriptive words that will match to each PEACH noun :D a kind of paragraph wherein the pictures of objects, persons or scenes are presented in written words or languages. DESCRIPTIVE PARAGRAPH a kind of paragraph where the writer described something. 2 Kinds Of Description Informative or Objective
Description Evocative or Impressionistic
Description objects the focus of the description is the object -- its physical properties and characteristics. the focus of the description is the emotions or moods of the reader. the writer does not only aim at presenting facts about his subject but also wishes to "communicate a mood or feeling or establish an attitude toward his subject" Informative or Objective Description Evocative or Impressionistic Description example example The fence grew moldy and inclined to one side, the child of Aling Ibiang grew up into a sickly boy with hollow dark eyes and shaggy hair, and the child that was born to Aling Sebia grew up into a girl, a girl with rugged features, a simous face, and a narrow brow-but not a word had passed across the fence since that night. One reason for Stephanie's unhappiness was that life was not nice and lovely the way she wanted it to be. She worried about starving children in under-developed countries, and about killing of whales. She became upset when a friend or relative fell ill. After snowstorms, she shoveled the walk of elderly neighbors. She loved to do things for people to see others happy. J. G. Villa, The Fence J. P. Blank, Reader's Digest, April, 1981 prepared by: Lanuza, Jeanne Pauline

Li, Andrea

Gonzales, Charmine

Rentoy, Ma. Theresa
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