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Kennedy Election

Beauty in the First Lady

Joseph Lesher

on 12 December 2016

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Transcript of Kennedy Election

Beauty and the "Beast"
Kennedy Election
Who would you rather
vote for?
-John F. Kennedy: Democrat.
-Kennedy wins with 49.7% of the Popular vote. Nixon won 49.6%
The Election
TV and the Election
Jacqueline Kennedy
The First Lady
Michelle Obama
Connecting to the
Do Looks
Does the First
Lady Matter?
-Richard M. Nixon: Republican
-It was the first time both candidates running were born in the 1900s.
-Both were WWII Vets, intelligent, and strongly hated Communism.
-Both were elected to Congress and the Senate.
-Kennedy won the Electoral College Vote 56.4% to 40.8%
-Nixon was arguably the smarter of the two and more knowledgeable on many topics.
-Television was a fairly new thing in households.
-An estimated 70 million people watched the debate.
-People who only listened to the debate believe Nixon was the better of the two candidates.
-The vast majority who watched the debate believed Kennedy had won due to charm and his calmness on television.
-Kennedy is remembered for reorganizing entertainment for White House social events, restoring the interior of the presidential home, her taste in clothing worn during her husband's presidency, her popularity among foreign dignitaries and is commonly agreed upon as the most favorite of all first ladies.
As the wife of a Senator, and later the First Lady, she has become a fashion icon and role model for women, and an advocate for poverty awareness, nutrition, and healthy eating.
Does the first lady matter? Compare Michelle Obama and Jacqueline Kennedy in how they may have influenced elections.
What stereotypes has this lesson supported? Are they natural or wrong?
Is the First Lady important?
Why do you think she deals with social issues primarily?
Honestly, does fashion matter?
Why is Michelle Obama tackling obesity in the United States?
Why do you think the Kennedy family had such appeal to the masses?
How did her sense of fashion help when attending social gatherings?
-The Biggest difference was Kennedy came from an extremely wealthy family where as Nixon came from a poorer upbringing.
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