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Winter The Dolphin.

No description

danielle kendall

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Winter The Dolphin.

Winter The Dolphin By Danielle Kendall Facts
Winter got her name because she was found around Winter.
Winter's favorite colors blue. Dolphin have a different eye structure than humans do. They can only really see blue.
Winter's favorite toy is her floating mat. So she can relax.
She just turned seven this year. This is a preview for the movie Dolphin Tale which is a based on Winter's life and everything that she went through. It was the Winter of 2005 when the 3 month old Bottle Nose Dolphin now named Winter was found on a beach off the coast of Cape Canaveral Florida by some fisherman. When they found Winter on the beach her tail was caught in a crab cage. They called the The lines on the crab cage were wrapped around her tail which was cutting the circulation off. They weren't positive if she would even make it. Her tail had died over the past few days so they cut it and then scraped it off. first started swimming without a tail she moved body like a shark.
The vets were afraid she was really going to injure her spine by swimming like this. Kevin Carroll
Makes Prosthetic legs, arms etc.
Herd about Winter on the radio and he wanted to make her a tail so she could swim like other dolphins. finally found one that fit her which is 30 in.
she has to get a new size almost all the time so it fits her body.
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