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Black Mesa was Aperture Science's rival. They didn't make th

No description

cason hardy

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of Black Mesa was Aperture Science's rival. They didn't make th

Black Mesa was Aperture Science's rival. They didn't make their own inventions. They stole their "inventions" from Aperture.
Black Mesa overview
Gravity Gun.
The Gravity Gun is the most famous of Black Mesa's inventions. It had the ability to slightly alter gravity so and object will be attracted to it. It is unable to pick up large objects and organisms unless charged.
Black Mesa

Black Mesa did use turrets modified from Aperture's turrets that have the ability to move and are attached to falls instead of being on the ground
This is a Black Mesa turret compared to Aperture Science turret
The Borealis

The Borealis isn't an invention but a boat holding a top secret invention that no one really knows whats in it. This boat held something very secretive in it that is pursued by Black Mesa and everyone else in that case and was invented by Aperture
Black Mesa in Half-Life
Black Mesa exploded in the beginning of Half-Life. The main character was an employee of Black Mesa named Gordon Freeman.
High Concentrated Energy Pellets
These are used to activate things by putting them in holders. They are also dangerous and can kill you if you touch them.
The Combine are the bad guys of Half-Life. Gordon Freeman is trying to stop them.
This is a video about the Borealis as seen in Portal 2. I would show the scene from Half-Life but it has language in it inappropriate for school.
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